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80 pts 70 pts 60 pts 50 pts 40 pts 30 pts 20 pts 10 pts DynamicsMelodyHarmony Rhythm & Tempo Grab Bag Musical Element Jeopardy.

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Presentation on theme: "80 pts 70 pts 60 pts 50 pts 40 pts 30 pts 20 pts 10 pts DynamicsMelodyHarmony Rhythm & Tempo Grab Bag Musical Element Jeopardy."— Presentation transcript:

1 80 pts 70 pts 60 pts 50 pts 40 pts 30 pts 20 pts 10 pts DynamicsMelodyHarmony Rhythm & Tempo Grab Bag Musical Element Jeopardy

2 Dynamics Question 10pts To gradually get louder? (cresc.)

3 Dynamics Answer 10pts Crescendo Return

4 Dynamics Question 20 pts What is loud? (f)

5 Dynamics Answer 20pts Forte Return

6 Dynamics Question 30pts To get gradually softer? (decresc.)

7 Dynamics Answer 30pts Decrescendo Return

8 Dynamics Question 40pts What is soft? (p)

9 Dynamics Answer 40pts Piano Return

10 Dynamics Question 50pts What is medium soft? (mp)

11 Dynamics Answer 50pts Mezzo piano Return

12 Dynamics Question 60 pts What is very soft? (pp)

13 Dynamics Answer 60pts Pianissimo Return

14 Dynamics Question 70pts What is medium loud? (mf)

15 Dynamics Answer 70pts Mezzo forte Return

16 Dynamics Question 80pts What is very loud? (ff)

17 Dynamics Answer 80pts fortissimo Return

18 Melody Question 10pts Raises a pitch ½ step.

19 Melody Answer 10pts Sharp Return

20 Melody Question 20 pts Treble clef spaces

21 Melody Answer 20pts FACE Return

22 Melody Question 30pts Treble clef lines.

23 Melody Answer 30pts FDBGEFDBGE Return

24 Melody Question 40pts What directions can a melody move?

25 Melody Answer 40pts Up, Down or Curve by step or skip. Return

26 Melody Question 50pts What is a musical thought or a grammar unit in a sentence?

27 Melody Answer 50pts Phrase Return

28 Melody Question 60 pts The harmonic end of a musical sentence.

29 Melody Answer 60pts Cadence Return

30 Melody Question 70pts Lowers the pitch ½ step.

31 Melody Answer 70pts Flat Return

32 Melody Question 80pts What is a melody?

33 Melody Answer 80pts The tune of a song. Return

34 Harmony Question 10pts What are the primary chords?

35 Harmony Answer 10pts I IV V Return

36 Harmony Question 20 pts Name the primary chords in the key of G?

37 Harmony Answer 20pts I=G IV=C V=D Return

38 Harmony Question 30pts Scale patterns were invented by what ancient Greek mathematician?

39 Harmony Answer 30pts Pythagoras Return

40 Harmony Question 40pts The I IV V make up what type of chords?

41 Harmony Answer 40pts Primary chords Return

42 Harmony Question 50pts Name the root, 3 rd, & 5 th of a E triad.

43 Harmony Answer 50pts Root=E 3 rd =G 5 th =B Return

44 Harmony Question 60 pts Two or more notes played together create _______?

45 Harmony Answer 60pts Chords Return

46 Harmony Question 70pts W & H in scale patterns represent ___ & ____steps.

47 Harmony Answer 70pts Whole & half Return

48 Harmony Question 80pts Three note chords are called ____?

49 Harmony Answer 80pts Triads Return

50 Rhythm & Tempo Question 10pts Moderato means ……

51 Rhythm & Tempo Answer 10pts Moderate or medium speed Return

52 Rhythm & Tempo Question 20pts Reduce to its fractional equivalent

53 Rhythm & Tempo Answer 20pts 1/4 Return

54 Rhythm & Tempo Question 30pts Name this rest ?

55 Rhythm & Tempo Answer 30pts A half (1/2) rest. Return

56 Rhythm & Tempo Question 40pts What tempo word means fast?

57 Rhythm & Tempo Answer 40pts Allegro Return

58 Rhythm & Tempo Question 50pts 4/4 - - + ( ) =X

59 Rhythm & Tempo Answer 50pts 4/4-1/4-1/2+1/8+1/8=1/2 X=1/2 Return

60 Rhythm & Tempo Question 60pts Identify and define what 3/4 means.

61 Rhythm & Tempo Answer 60pts 3/4 is a time or meter signature. The top number (3) tell how many beats are in a measure. The bottom number (4) tells which type of note gets one beat. In this case a 1/4 note. Return

62 Rhythm & Tempo Question 70pts What does largo mean?

63 Rhythm & Tempo Answer 70pts Slow Return

64 Rhythm & Tempo Question 80pts X = +. - ( )

65 Rhythm & Tempo Answer 80pts X=3/4 Return

66 Grab Question 10pts The Structure of the song

67 Grab Answer 10pts Form Return

68 Grab Question 20 pts Structure known as binary form?

69 Grab Answer 20pts AB form Return

70 Grab Question 30pts More than one note at a time

71 Grab Answer 30pts Harmony? Return

72 Grab Question 40pts What is the family of instruments with a bell, cupped shape mouth piece, valves and tubing?

73 Grab Answer 40pts Brass family Return

74 Grab Question 50pts Structure of music that comes from Africa?

75 Grab Answer 50pts Call and response Return

76 Grab Question 60 pts How fast or slow the music is

77 Grab Answer 60pts Tempo? Return

78 Grab Question 70pts How sound of instruments and voices are different from each other?

79 Grab Answer 70pts Timbre Return

80 Grab Question 80pts What is ternary form?

81 Grab Answer 80pts ABA Return

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