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Finally, a compressed air piping system so simple…it’s EZ!

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1 Finally, a compressed air piping system so simple…it’s EZ!

2 What is EZAir ? Low cost aluminium piping system –Higher flow rates –Safe, secure, and leak proof –Reduced pressure loss Simple push to connect fittings –Easy to install piping –Easy to reconfigure system

3 EZAir Markets For all compressed air systems downstream of the air receiver Small to medium body shops Light industrial manufacturing and assembly Dealers/resellers

4 Selling advantages of EZAir Cost, Cost, Cost Ease of installation No skill needed Little tooling needed (only pipe cutter) Very light Very fast to install

5 EZAir Fittings Manufactured from high quality acetal plastic or brass Small line of items that easily meet any requirement –Only 22 items in total product line Simple for distributors to carry a full range of low cost inventory

6 EZAir Fittings 15mm and 22mm Range Straight Union Elbows Tees Water Trap Tee (22mm) Stem Elbow Straight Reducer Brass Stem Adaptors Pipe Clips & Spacers Brass Wing Back (15mm)

7 EZAir Fittings 28mm Range Straight Union Elbows Tees Water Trap Converter Brass Stem Adaptor Plugs Pipe Clips & Spacers

8 22mm Water Trap Tee Applications High air quality Systems without dryers Will reduce condensate at point of use Should not be used in place of a dryer

9 28mm Water Trap Tee Converter Fits into standard 28mm Tee Same applications as 22mm Water Trap Tee

10 U:Doheny_LT/SectorCompetitivePartsInitiative.ppt 28mm – 22mm –15mm Reducers Provide a simple solution to interchange between: 28mm piping and fittings to 22mm piping and fittings or 22mm piping and fittings to 15mm piping and fittings

11 U:Doheny_LT/SectorCompetitivePartsInitiative.ppt 15mm and 22mm Stem Elbows Enables tight 90-degree turns from the outlet of any 15mm or 22mm fitting

12 Brass Stem Adaptors Provide a male threaded connection converting to push-fit fitting

13 How do the fittings work? Simple push-to-connect system Collet gripper has stainless steel teeth that bite into tubing “O” ring provides permanent leak-proof seal

14 Tubing EZAir line promotes use of non-anodized tubing Anodized tubing is too hard for stainless collet to bite into tubing Non anodized tubing makes installation simple and requires very little instruction

15 Non-Anodized Tubing Achieves better air quality delivery than black steel or galvanized tubing Equal quality to that of copper tubing Non-anodized tubing could oxidize if moisture is allowed to lay in the piping Will build up white powder to self protect against corrosion

16 EZAir Tubing 10 foot tubing lengths sold in pack quantities of 10 Shorter lengths - less handling in warehouse Lower cost and easier transportation Less storage space needed, easier for distributors to stock Tubing can still be formed with pipe bender

17 Assembly of Pipe & Fittings It is essential that all installers and users of the EZAir system have a copy of our installation instructions. It is vital that the procedures stated in the instructions are followed for a safe and secure working system.

18 Tube Preparation Tubing must be cut square. Use a suitable pipe cutter to ensure that the ends of the tubing are free from any burrs that might damage the “O” ring

19 Assembly of 15mm and 22mm fittings Make sure the tube ends are cut square Verify the piping and fittings are clean Simply push the pipe until it reaches a stopping point in the fitting Pull on the pipe to check that fitting is secure. Assembly Check

20 Disconnecting 15mm and 22mm Tube & Fittings Push in collet and pull on tubing

21 Assembly of 28mm Fittings Prepare tubing Loosen screw cap 1/4 turn Insert tubing until it reaches internal stop Push tubing until it reaches internal stop and turn screw cap until tight on tubing 28mm assembly

22 Disconnecting 28mm Tubing Turn screw cap counter-clockwise 1/4 turn Push in collet & pull on pipe at the same time Disconnection

23 Piping Capacities 15mm 36scfm @ 103psig (7 bar) 15mm 38scfm @ 118psig (8 bar) 15mm 42scfm @ 147psig (10 bar) 22mm 75scfm @ 103psig (7 bar) 22mm 86scfm @ 118psig (8 bar) 22mm 111scfm @ 147psig (10 bar) 28mm 126scfm @ 103psig (7bar) 28mm 148scfm @118psig (8bar) 28mm 175scfm @ 147psig (10bar) 1 psi loss per 30 meters (100ft) for a straight line.5 psi loss per 30 meters (100ft) for a loop system

24 EZAir Testing Tested to ANSI B31.1 4 x burst - 600 psig test 1.5 times leak - 225psi test No leakage at any pressure - up to failure 150psig (10BAR) Maximum working pressure allowed to comply with ANSI B31.1 testing standard

25 EZAir Endurance Testing EZAir line tested in temperature chamber between : -20°C (-4°F) to +60°C (+140°F) Cycle tested every 5 seconds (0-175psig) Temperature range cycled every 2 hours Over 1,000,000 cycles completed so far

26 Competition Steel pipe – needs skill, tooling, heavy and time consuming to install Copper – needs skill, costly and time consuming to install Plastic pipe & hose – not durable and very dangerous

27 Marketing Support 4 Page Sales Brochure Installation Instructions

28 A Light Industrial Revolution You now have the solution!

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