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Homeroom Information Ms. Christoph 9Z Portable 54 - A Welcome.

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1 Homeroom Information Ms. Christoph 9Z Portable 54 - A Welcome

2 Homeroom Schedule: Monday & Tuesday Homeroon: 7:18 – 7:50

3 Lockers Lockers are $3.00 Purchase your locker from Ms. Christoph You MAY NOT leave Homeroom to secure your lockers. Your Locker will be located in/around the Coke Machines.

4 Planners MHS Planners are REQUIRED You may purchase a planner through your English Teacher for $5.00 Most teachers will not let you use a pass w/o a planner. Many teachers require you to fill out your planner for a grade.

5 Bus Routes You NEED your bus route number. See me if you dont know your route or check in the attendance office. Bus Routes are found on the Clay County web page. Bus Routes are posted around school also.

6 Dress Code The dress code is STRICTLY enforced!!! Dress For Success! MHS follows a strict dress code. For a complete description refer to the Student Planner. A rule of thumb - if your outfit is questionable, choose another.Student Planner

7 Attendance Policy 5 absences parents receive a phone call from each teacher they have absences with. 7 absences students are given written notice that they are in jeopardy of failing due to absences. (both parents and students sign) 10 absences student automatically fail the class.

8 Hallway Movement Walk on the right side! If a staff member speaks to you be polite and pay attention. Walk and Talk quietly to the person next to you. HATS OFF IN THE BUIDLING AND CLASSROOMS. CELL PHONES ALWAYS OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT!!!

9 Please be quiet to and from lunch there are other classes going on. Your lunch number is your six digit student number. HAVE IT READY!

10 Homeroom I will see you Tuesday same time. Then again during FCAT Youre welcome to come see me if you have questions during the year HAVE A GREAT SCHOOL YEAR!

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