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Session 8: Innovation and Change By: Jessica and Katie.

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1 Session 8: Innovation and Change By: Jessica and Katie

2 GSS Framework

3 Current Challenges Globalization Integrated economies Advancing technology Ethics and CSR

4 Environmental Change

5 Organization Life Cycle

6 Learning Objectives Explore how and why organizations change Identify the distinction between Radical and Incremental Change Identify Four Types of Change an organization can experience

7 Learning Objectives Discuss Organizational Structure and Management Approaches for Facilitating Each Type of Change Finally, discuss Management Techniques for Influencing the Creation and Implementation of Change

8 Change vs. Innovation Organizational Change: the adoption of a new idea or behaviour by an organization Organizational Innovation: the adoption of an idea or behaviour that is new to the organization’s industry, market or general environment

9 Innovation or Perish: The Strategic Role of Change Organizations must move quickly to keep up with the changes around them Not only to prosper but to survive increased competition Many large organizations have had a hard time keeping up with recent changes Today we will discuss organizational design and structure concepts for encouraging innovation and implementing changes

10 Open System Concepts from Previous Chapters Self directed and horizontal structures Joint ventures or consortia Structural innovations such as the virtual network approach

11 Forces Driving the Need for Major Organizational Change

12 An element for success: passion for creating and sustaining change

13 Eco-Capitalists

14 Incremental vs. Radical Change

15 Strategic Types of Change Product and Service Changes: small adaption of existing products or entirely new product lines Strategy and Structure Changes: pertain to the administrative domain in an organization

16 Strategic Types of Change Culture Changes: changes in the values, attitudes, expectations, beliefs, abilities, and behaviour of employees: CHANGE HOW EMPLOYEES THINK Technology Changes: changes in the production process

17 Elements for Successful Change 1.Ideas 2.Needs 3.Adoption 4.Implementation 5.Resources

18 Sequence of Elements for Successful Change

19 Technology Change Any company that is not adapting new technology will likely be out of business in a few years (textbook claim) Organic Operations = Flexibility= Creativity Bottom Up Innovation Process The challenge: create both mechanistic and organic conditions to achieve both innovation and efficiency

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