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International Speech By Yihua,Kim,Soyeony,Chao,Jonathan.

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1 International Speech By Yihua,Kim,Soyeony,Chao,Jonathan



4 No-Tech Visual Aids Flip charts, poster board, orblackboards. Sketches or diagrams Graphs Charts Maps photographs

5 1.Sketches or diagrams Sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work Use a sketch to display a simple illustration that calls attention to points you want to emphasize.

6 Graphs There are 3 kinds of graphs: Bar graph Pie graph Line graph

7 Graphs Bar graphPie graph

8 Line graph Use a line graph to show how a trend has changed over time.

9 Charts Flow chartsBullet chart

10 A-4. Map - Use a map to show location or physical arrangement of places. Ⅰ. NO-TECH VISUAL AIDS

11 A-5. Photographs - Use an actual photograph to show realistic details of your object or topic. Ⅰ. NO-TECH VISUAL AIDS ‘The Venus Flytrap’

12 B. Physical objects 1. Actual objects and personal demonstrations Ⅰ. NO-TECH VISUAL AIDS

13 B. Physical objects 2. Actual animals Ⅰ. NO-TECH VISUAL AIDS Keep on in the safe cage!

14 Ⅰ. NO-TECH VISUAL AIDS B. Physical objects 3. Models of objects.


16 Overhead Transparencies Create text by typewriter or Computer Photocopy photos Write on transparencies with markers

17 Tips Text must be large enough to be seen from the back of the room Use the correct color Keep transparencies simple and uncluttered.

18 Films and Videotapes YouTube TV set DVD VHS Player( Video Home System)


20 POWER POINT Over 90% of all professional speakers use PPT. But A careless PowerPoint Confusing or distracting

21 Creating Great PowerPoint Slides Content ( text and art) Color Font (type and size)

22 1. Content – a. Text Simplify text Keywords & easy-to-remember phrases Round off numbers

23 1. Content – b. Art Clip art, pictures, photographs Entertaining or humorous Maximum three pieces per slide Short phrases and simple illustrations

24 2. Color – a. Background The best background color is dark. -Black, dark blue - it eliminates the bright whiteness of the LCD projector light

25 2. Color – b. Title and text color That contrast well against a dark background. Yellow or White No blues, greens, reds.

26 3. Font Type Choose a font for titles/headings, text. East to see and easy to read

27 3. Font Type Roman style fonts (serif – little feet or tails) -Times New Roman - Bookman Old Style -MS Reference Serif Sans-serif fonts (no feet or tails) - Arial - Verdana - MS Reference Sans Serif

28 4. Font Size Main Headings/Titles : minimum 36-46pts. Smaller subheadings Text : minimum 24pts Use upper/lowercase letters.

29 Tips for using PowerPoint 1. Face your audience at all times. 2. Focus all of the attention on You occasionally. 3. Use PowerPoint slides sparingly. 4. Back up your PowerPoint presenation.

30 Why visual aid Types of visual aid

31 Image galleries

32 Key words = results

33 Questions?

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