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Custards, Creams and Sauces

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1 Custards, Creams and Sauces
Chapter 14 Custards, Creams and Sauces

2 Custards Any liquid thickened by coagulation of egg proteins.
Consistency depends on: ratio of eggs to liquid whether whole eggs or just yolks are used type of liquid used Custard can be stirred or baked.

3 Stirred Custards Are cooked on top of the stove.
They must be stirred throughout to stabilize the eggs and prevent curdling. They can be used as a dessert sauce, incorporated into a complex dessert or eaten alone. Common stirred custards are: Vanilla custard sauce Pastry cream Sabayon Curd fillings

4 Baked Custards Baked custards are liquids thickened by the coagulation of egg proteins, although the thickening occurs in the oven. The container of liquid custard is usually placed in a water bath before cooking to protect the eggs from curdling.

5 Types of Baked Custards
Texture and flavor depend on quantity and types of ingredients used. Baked custards can be simple egg and milk mixtures such as flan or include other ingredients are suspended in the mixture: Cheesecake Rice pudding Bread pudding Quiche

6 Soufflés There are light, fluffy baked custards.
They start with a custard base and are then: often thickened with flour lightened with whipped eggs baked The air in the egg whites expands to create light, fluffy texture that causes the mixture to rise. Soufflés will collapse very quickly when removed from the oven.

7 Creams Refers to light, fluffy or creamy textured dessert items made with whipped egg whites, whipped cream or both. Crème Chantilly – whipped, sweetened dairy cream Bavarian creams – thicken with gelatin Chiffons - thickened with gelatin. Lightened with whipped egg whites Mousses

8 Cream Components [Insert Table 14.1 p. 511]


10 Dessert Sauces Provide moisture, flavor, texture and enhance presentation. Vanilla custard, the principal dessert sauce, is made with milk and cream. Other dessert sauces include: Fruit and fruit coulis Caramel Butter Wine Chocolate

11 Convenience Products The advantages of these products are: Speed
Quality control Reduced labor costs For most mousses, gelatins or creams, milk or other liquid is added to a powder and then the mixture is whipped until the desired consistency is obtained. Cooking is usually not required although flan, pudding and baked custard mixes may require cooking.

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