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District Awards for Teacher Excellence A presentation to the ACISD Board of Trustees 4/17/08.

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1 District Awards for Teacher Excellence A presentation to the ACISD Board of Trustees 4/17/08

2 Grant Requirements Develop a district award plan with goals to improve student academic improvement and/or growth. Develop an awards system consistent with district goals that address target campuses Establish performance measures consistent with district goals

3 Funding District grant amounts based on district’s average daily attendance for 2007-2008 school year. Original projected award: $147,702 Current projected award: $177,845.00

4 Funding At least 60% of the funds must go to award classroom teachers who positively impact student academic improvement and/or growth. These are called “Part 1 funds.” $177,845 x.6 = $106,707

5 Funding Up to 40% of the funds may be used for other activities, including awards to staff members other than classroom teachers, stipends, recruitment and retention, professional development, and improving data quality/capacity: These are called “Part 2 funds.” $ 177,845 x.4 = $71,138

6 Award Amounts Grant guidelines “highly suggest” that Part 1 awards be at least $3,000 per teacher. Grant guidelines specify that the lowest allowable award under Part 1 is $1,000.

7 Grant Option – Targeted Campus Rockport Fulton Middle School

8 DATE Planning Team Four district representatives Eleven RFMS representatives – all assigned a campus constituency group for feedback and communication Met nine times between January and April, for approximately 30 hours, to develop plan

9 District Goals Goal 1: All students are expected to show academic growth and success through strong instructional programs. Goal 2: All students will be taught by highly qualified and student-centered teachers and professionals.

10 DATE Award Plan Goal #1 Rockport-Fulton Middle School will provide engaging, student- centered instructional programs, nurturing learning environments, and highly effective classroom teachers to ensure that all students demonstrate academic, emotional, and social growth.

11 DATE Award Plan Goal #2 Rockport-Fulton Middle School will recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and staff who consistently and effectively implement district initiatives, engage in departmental, grade level, and school-wide cooperation and collaboration, and pursue opportunities for faculty and staff leadership.

12 Award Plan Highlights Includes all staff members on campus Includes grade level, group, and individual performance measures Includes measures based on set passing rates, increase in passing rates, and value-added scores

13 Includes measures associated with attendance, discipline, “no pass, no play” eligibility, and campus accountability rating Includes job specific measures for elective teachers, cafeteria staff, and custodians Award Plan Highlights

14 Includes Professional Development/Progress Monitoring days for core area teachers Includes funds to support increased capacity to collect, analyze, and utilize data to improve instruction and achievement. Award Plan Highlights

15 Award Opportunities – Part 1 Classroom Teachers Position Potential Award 7 th ELA$3,600 Math$3,100 6 th & 8 th ELA, Science, Social Studies, Sp. Ed. $2,600 Electives$1,700 ISS$1,650

16 Award Opportunities – Part 2 Other Staff Position Potential Award Cafeteria & Custodians $500 Paraprofessionals $1,000 Counselors, Librarian, Nurse, Diagnostician $1,500 Assistant Principals $3,000 Principal $4,500

17 Matching Funds Requirement Matching funds may be cash or in-kind Year 1 = 15% of original estimate $147,702 x 15% = $22,155 Year 2 = 25% Year 3 = 35% ACISD options include Money to increase award amounts Payroll costs Professional development Costs associated with teacher mentoring & retention x x Year 2 = 15% Year 3 = 15%

18 ACISD Funding Commitment “New Money” costs for 2008- 2009 D.A.T.E. plan –Payroll costs = $12,242 –Award supplements = $26,950 – Total = $39,192

19 DATE Timeline August 25, 2008 – Implement award plan 2008 – 2009 – Collect data, monitor progress September – October, 2009 – Qualifying staff members receive first year award payments.

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