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(1) 6/20/2012 Visa® Fall Retail Branch Promotion Branch Managers Kick Off.

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1 (1) 6/20/2012 Visa® Fall Retail Branch Promotion Branch Managers Kick Off

2 (2) 6/20/2012 Agenda + Promotion Overview + Instant Win Game + Manager Responsibilities + Branch Materials + Online Training + Campaign Site + Key Dates


4 (4) 6/20/2012 Promotion Overview + Designed to boost Visa® card sales in your branches Not a consumer facing promotion + Educate employees to actively sell Visa credit and debit card products* + Employees receive a chance to win a prize whenever they help members apply for a new Visa card + Branch materials are provided to motivate employees + Fully funded by PSCU and Visa - no charge to CU + Managed by Advisors Plus + Partnering with Visa approved vendors *Based on credit union card offerings

5 (5) 6/20/2012 Promotion Details + Promotion runs in-branch from September 1 – October 31 + This promotion is all about your branch employees Helps strengthen their Visa product knowledge Gives them the tools to be confident in selling Visa cards + Branch managers are encouraged to set goals for their staff and promote the campaign with fun activities + Managers should refresh their staff on your credit union’s card benefits + Online training is available for all employees

6 (6) 6/20/2012 Instant Win Game + Employees receive scratch card (as applicable to cards credit union is promoting*) For every credit application taken For every referral that leads to a credit application For every new debit card opened + Manager distributes scratch card to employees + Employees scratch card for a prize or “no prize” + 50 - 50 chance of winning a prize + Employees receive prize if card is a “winner” *where PSCU is the card processor

7 (7) 6/20/2012 Prizes Instant Win Game Prizes include: + $10 iTunes gift cards + $5 gift cards + Indiecentive music download code cards

8 (8) 6/20/2012 Instant Win Game Scratch Cards

9 (9) 6/20/2012 Suggestions for Managers + Inventory branch kits when received + Store instant win game prizes in a safe location + Hang poster in employee break room + Set goals for your branch to accomplish during promotion + Design fun contests to inspire and motivate employees throughout the promotion + Promote friendly competition with other branches + Make sure employees are aware of the benefits your Visa card product has over your competition

10 (10) 6/20/2012 Manager Responsibilities + Hold promotion kick-off at your branch + Schedule online training for all branch employees Encourage employees to complete the training + Get employees excited about winning prizes Give “winners” recognition + Keep employees motivated Create friendly competition within your branch + Distribute prizes as applications are taken + Managers will want to track applications taken and prizes distributed (not required by Advisors Plus)

11 (11) 6/20/2012 Branch Kits + Branch Kit is distributed to each participating branch Sent directly to managers at each branch Each branch receives 1 kit, larger branches will receive 2 + Kit contains - Branch Manager’s Guide Poster for break room Lay by Cards for employee reference (8) Scratch Off Instant Win Game Cards (76) Prizes* (38)  $10 iTunes gift cards (3)  $5 gift cards (7)  Indiecentive music download code cards (28) Note: Additional branch kit may be requested when needed. Ask your Credit Union Campaign Coordinator to order the kit online at the campaign site.

12 (12) 6/20/2012 Manager’s Guide Fold out 6-page document Steps to get started How promotion works What manager does What employees do Instant Win Game Rules

13 (13) 6/20/2012 Employee Lay by Card Employee Reference Guide

14 (14) 6/20/2012 Break Room Poster Display poster for employee break room

15 (15) 6/20/2012 Online Training + Each employee will be given access to the Visa online training site developed by Advisors Plus + Training consists of 4 classes (based on CU products offered) Consumer Credit Consumer and Business Credit Consumer Debit Consumer and Business Debit + Online training course is self-paced Should take between 15 – 45 minutes to complete + Employee takes quiz at end of training course Receives music download code upon successful completion

16 (16) 6/20/2012 Online Training + Access the online training site Username is employee’s credit union email address Password is created by employee during registration + No limit to number of employees who can take course at once + Training site is available from August 15 – October 31 + Training tracking reports will be produced and distributed Lists employees who have completed class Weekly report for each credit union Will be posted in Web Reports on MemberConnect Credit union primary contact will be notified when posted

17 (17) 6/20/2012 Training Topics + Employee will select appropriate class(es) + Each class will include: Card Benefits and Features How to Attract Members Selling Tips How to Overcome Objections Glossary of Terms (credit classes) Quiz

18 (18) 6/20/2012 Online Training Access + Register if first time accessing site OR + Sign on with your credit union email address and password created at registration.

19 (19) 6/20/2012 Training Registration – Page 1 Enter credit union name and zip code of your branch location. Branches matching the zip code will then be displayed. Select your branch location from the list.

20 (20) 6/20/2012 Training Registration – Page 2 Use your credit union email address. Branch information will prefill. Create your own password.

21 (21) 6/20/2012 Intro Page Select the appropriate class. Only the class(es) being promoted by your credit union will be displayed.

22 (22) 6/20/2012 Class Sample Page Use the Contact Us tab if having any issues with online training screens. Training vendor customer support will respond within 24 – 48 hours.

23 (23) 6/20/2012 Music Download NOTE: This screen can only be accessed once. Be sure to record download code. Confirmation email will be sent to the employee’s credit union email address.

24 (24) 6/20/2012 Training Certificate Each employee completing the training will have the option to print a certificate.

25 (25) 6/20/2012 Campaign Site + Site is on MemberConnect in Advisors Plus section + MemberConnect link + Advisors Plus landing page link + Direct Campaign site link (no password needed) promotion/visa-retail-branch-promotion

26 (26) 6/20/2012 Site Landing Page

27 (27) 6/20/2012 Site Contents + Branch Manager Additional Tips FAQ’s Motivation Ideas Training Tips and Tricks + Additional Branch Prize Kit Order Request Centralize requests through credit union campaign contact + Kick Off PowerPoint Presentation + Kick Off Recorded Webinar Session Intended for Branch Manager training

28 (28) 6/20/2012 Key Dates + August 1 - Promotion Kick Off Branch Managers review this Kick Off presentation Branch Managers begin kick off at their branches + August 15 – Online training course available to employees + August 15 – Branch kits arrive at branches + September 1 – Promotion starts + October 31 – Promotion ends + November 10 – Survey

29 (29) 6/20/2012

30 (30) 6/20/2012 Teresa Willatt Campaign Specialist Teresa Willatt Campaign Specialist

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