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CATCH Family Fun Event A great way to increase family awareness of CATCH!

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1 CATCH Family Fun Event A great way to increase family awareness of CATCH!

2 Coordinated School Health & CATCH Coordinated School Health l A process which brings a school community together to teach children to be healthy for a lifetime. Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) A program that promotes physical activity and healthy food choices. l A coordinated & do-able program that is implemented campus- wide!

3 A CATCH Family Event is a free, fun and healthy family celebration designed to reinforce healthy eating and physical activity behaviors among students and ALL family members! What is a Family Event?

4 Step 1: Make a Plan Step 2: Build Excitement Step 3: Recruit Faculty & Staff Step 4: Make it Happen Steps to a successful Family Event

5  Establish Planning Committee  Collaborate with key people/leaders on campus (i.e. PTA, Nurse, Afterschool Coordinator, etc.)  CATCH Team?  Select a Date and Time:  Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring  Evening (i.e. 6:00-8:00)  Create a Theme (i.e. CATCH a Scottie Night)  Determine Available Space:  Gym, Cafeteria, Hallways, Weight room, Track/Field  Zones: Information, Nutrition, School, Physical Activity Step 1: Make a Plan

6 The players to consider:  Administration  School clubs/organizations  Food Service – free samples  Community Vendors  YMCA  Hospital  Local Sports Clubs & Teams  Grocery Stores  Local Health Stores (e.g. My Fit Foods)  Health Care providers (e.g. dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, masseuse, etc.)  Health Insurance Step 1: Make a Plan

7  Recruiting and promotion  Promote to parents via:  Newsletter or flyer  Progress Report – Save the Date  Students phone calls  School marque  Promote campus-wide via:  Daily Announcements  Scrolling Video Announcements  Posters  Classroom Instruction Step 2: Build Excitement!




11 What will you do? You will explore 4 zones. (with required stops on your CATCH card)




15 Students who have a bike helmet can bring it and Bucks Bikes will fit their helmet properly to their head.





20  Promote as FREE and FUN!!  Purchase prizes and highlight them in all promotions  Prizes should promote physical activity and healthy eating:  Bike, jump ropes, soccer ball Step 2: Build Excitement!

21  This is key to a successful event!  Ask faculty and staff to sign up for shifts/stations  Administrator could require all faculty and staff to participate  Ask faculty and staff to promote in their classroom, gym, hallway, cafeteria and office!!! Step 3: Recruit Faculty and Staff

22 Step 4: Make it Happen  Sign-in Area  Vendor/Activity Card  Flow of the event  Encourage family participation  Have faculty/staff rotate stations  Announce the prize recipients

23 Promotion

24 Healthy Food

25 Activity Stations

26 Information Booths

27 Vendors

28 Student Groups

29 Prizes

30 Plan, Plan, Plan! Collaboration is KEY! Delegate Roles & Responsibilities Promote, Promote, Promote! Document Attendance Staff Participation and Assistance is a MUST! Lessons Learned

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