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By: Vanessa Victor Scott Yoshida Travis Hills Lucas Sprague.

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1 By: Vanessa Victor Scott Yoshida Travis Hills Lucas Sprague

2  Site Description  Evaluation of Data ◦ Pedestrians ◦ Bicyclists ◦ Motor Vehicles  Observed Trends  Site Comparison  Issues/Proposed Solutions

3  Intersection: 2 travel lanes, a bike lane, and a bus stop, on each side of the 10 foot wide median  Total crosswalk length= 70 feet w/continental markings  Crossing occurs mid-block w/signalized intersection approximately 300’ to the East and West.  Motor vehicle speed 35 MPH both directions

4  2 “Stop Here for Pedestrian” signs and 2 “Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossing” signs as warning  Wide sidewalks for pedestrians from MAX, I-205 multi-use path, and bus stops  Adequate lighting/signage


6  Pedestrians and cyclists traveled from 4 to 3 and 3 to 4  Motor vehicles traveled from B to D and D to B

7  Pedestrians crossed from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 3  Violations ◦ Did not push button before crossing ◦ IPod or other listening device  During observation period, no pedestrians were seen using cell phones while crossing  On-street parking and buses prevent driver from seeing the pedestrians at crosswalk

8 Total Pedestrian Counts Violation Counts for Not Using Button From 3 to 4From 4 to 3 0-15 (min)149 15-30 (min)54 30-45 (min)20 45-60 (min)74 Total2817 From 3 to 4From 4 to 3 0-15 (min)29 15-30 (min)00 30-45 (min)20 45-60 (min)11 Total510 Five pedestrians from 3 to 4 and three pedestrians from 4 to 3 were seen using a listening device

9 Violation Data  15/45 = 33.33% did not use signal  8/45 = 17.78% using an iPod or similar device  23/45 = 51.11% total undertook a violation  6.33 seconds delay per approach pedestrian= LOS A  4.8 minutes delay during observation hour

10  Bicycle crossed from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 3  Violations ◦ Did not push button before crossing= T on chart ◦ Were not wearing a helmet= H on chart  During observation period, no cyclists were seen riding on sidewalk or using wrong side of road  On-street parking and buses prevent driver from seeing the cyclists at crosswalk

11 Total Bicycle Counts Violation Counts for Bicycles *One cyclist rode from B to D w/o wearing a helmet From 3 to 4From 4 to 3 0-15 (min)46 15-30 (min)48 30-45 (min)33 45-60 (min)42 Total1519 From 3 to 4From 4 to 3 0-15 (min)T31 H00 15-30 (min)T61 H01 30-45 (min)T04 H00 45-60 (min)T32 H01 Total 1210 T= Did not push button, H= No helmet

12 Violation Data  20/35 = 57.14% did not use signal  3/35 = 8.57% did not wear a helmet  23/35 = 65.71% total undertook a violation  11.9 seconds delay per approach bicycle= LOS B  6.75 minutes of delay during observation hour

13  Vehicles crossed from B to D and from D to B  Violations ◦ Vehicle stops abruptly= A on chart ◦ Vehicle does not stop for pedestrian= B on chart ◦ Vehicle impedes on crosswalk= C on chart  Many drivers did not stop for pedestrian at crosswalk even when signal was flashing  Oregon law states drivers must stop and remained stopped for pedestrians until they have cleared your lane and adjacent lane  Law was violated numerous times

14 Violation Counts for Vehicles A= Abrupt stop, B= No stop, C= Impedes on crosswalk

15  Pedestrians utilizing crosswalk tended to feel safer when a bus was making stop  Speeding motor vehicles not a concern b/c of controlled adjacent signalized intersections  Traffic “backing up” from intersection led to blind-spots and decreased crosswalk visibility  Majority of pedestrians/ cyclists used signal and were cautious throughout

16  NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Going Street examined  Unsignalized intersection  Configuration of this crosswalk was similar to SE Division and Green Line  Vehicles extremely respondent  Trend attributed to driver expectation at crosswalk  Drivers expected to yield for pedestrians/ bicyclists


18  On-street parking  Overhead flashing pedestrian sign ◦ Signal placement ◦ Flashing signal length

19  Issue: Parked cars on south side of Division preventing drivers from seeing the pedestrians/cyclists  Solution: Remove some on-street parking stalls close to the crosswalk

20 Issue 1  Signal placed above median which is not in the driver’s line of sight  Many drivers do not slow down when signal is flashing  Daily drivers familiar with flashing when no pedestrians present which leads to behavioral habits such as not slowing down  Drivers did not see signal b/c more concentrated on intersection ahead

21  Solution 1: Place separate signals above westbound and eastbound lanes  Placement will be in line of sight of the drivers  Solution 2: Remove signal and place in- pavement lighting (shown at right)

22 Solution 3: HAWK signal for each direction of traffic (shown below)

23  Issue 2: Signal flashes for two minutes after button is pressed  Solution: Change signal time to 30 seconds  MUTCD- design for 3.5 feet per second which would mean 20 seconds of signal flash for the 70 foot crosswalk.


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