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Current Issue Project AP Courses at Mounds View. The Problem Mounds View doesn’t offer enough AP classes to satisfy every students’ interests Mounds View.

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1 Current Issue Project AP Courses at Mounds View

2 The Problem Mounds View doesn’t offer enough AP classes to satisfy every students’ interests Mounds View is full of accelerated classes AP classes affect our futures: saves money, completes prerequisites, and enhances our ability to learn In recent years, AP classes have been cut due to lack of funding

3 AP Classes college work load faster pace prepare students better for college $86 fee vs. at least $1500 per class per semester strengthens college applications weighted class ranks helps qualify for scholarships - “31 percent of colleges and universities look at AP experience when determining scholarships”. (College Board) more likely to graduate from a four year university

4 Regular Classes more manageable work load not weighted on transcripts no AP testing in May fulfills high school requirements

5 Offered vs. MV (26%) Art History Biology Calculus AB Calculus BC Chemistry Chinese Language and Culture Computer Science A Computer Science AB Macroeconomics Microeconomics English Language English Literature Environmental Science European History French Language French Literature German Language Comp Government & Politics U.S. Government & Politics Human Geography Italian Language and Culture Japanese Language and Culture Latin Literature Latin: Vergil Music Theory Physics B Physics C Psychology Spanish Language Spanish Literature Statistics Studio Art U.S. History World History

6 Mounds View vs. Irondale vs. Wayzata 9 courses 18 courses 25 courses

7 Solution Our solution to this problem is to: raise awareness of our schools lack of AP classes have future students talk to the School Board about this problem when funding for public schools is more available

8 Steps Towards Success Talk to officials for information: We contacted Mindy Greiling, Paul Gardner, The College Board, Department of Education We interviewed an AP and a Non-AP Student for comparison

9 Mindy Greiling Democrat She is the chair of the k-12 education finance committee. She spends most of her legislative time fighting for education. Why is it hard for schools to add AP classes? “With the legislature not keeping up in education funding, all things are hard for schools these days”

10 Paul Gardner Democrat “I'm a supporter of AP classes. I took four of them in high school and got a 2, 3, 4, and 5 on them, so I placed out of two history classes in college.”

11 Minnesota Department of Education I am the dual enrollment specialist at the Minnesota Department of Education and part of my job is to assist schools who are offering AP courses. I work with most programs that allow high school students to earn college credits. - Jessica A Rowe Is it hard for schools to add AP classes? How much does it cost? “Any initiative that schools want to offer their students can be challenging financially and sometimes, politically. AP has some advantages as the Minnesota Department of Education, through legislative action, reimburses schools for the teacher training and exam fees that are associated with offering AP courses. This support has caused AP programs and course offerings to steadily increase over the years. From last year to this year we have seen a 10% increase alone.”

12 Dept. of Education Cont. Do you think AP classes are beneficial? Why or why not? All rigorous course opportunities, including AP, benefit students by developing critical thinking skills and important habits of mind that will support their success after high school. AP courses prepare students to be college-ready and scoring well on AP exams can earn you free college credits.

13 Interviews AP Do you think MV should offer more AP options like, Euro, art, Chinese etc.. Eric Hong: Euro and World would be good additional AP courses to have. But, if it tends to dilute the quality of AP classes in general. Then we shouldn't. Do you regret any taking AP classes? Eric Hong: I regret taking Acc. Chemistry sometimes. And I would regret almost every other AP classes other than English and macro it if it didn't give me weighted GPA. Non-AP (undisclosed name) Do you regret not taking AP Classes? “No – I’m not interested in the ones offered” What is your opinion on the effects of AP Classes? “It’s worth it if you make it worth it. Not worth it if you don’t put effort in.”

14 Status Currently there is only about 1 week left in the Minnesota State Session. It is a budget year, so that takes priority in every category, decreasing focus on other subjects. The recession makes it hard to increase any sort of funding, and so it is not the best time to ask for more educational grants. Proposed Budget

15 Future When the recession has passed, we feel that it would be better timing to approach the school board for funding

16 Reflection We learned a lot about the AP system and education in general We can now pass our knowledge on to the future students Many people are supportive of putting more AP classes in schools.

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