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What Are You Listening To By: Darelle Iteka 4 th period.

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1 What Are You Listening To By: Darelle Iteka 4 th period

2 Home By: Phillip Phillips To me I think that this song is about him seeing someone going through a tough time and wanting to help him out and letting the other person know that there not alone and that he can help them and they can go through this together. It also seems like he is trying to reassure someone. Yes, I do think this song is intended to help people going through problems. I choose this song because I thought the message he was trying to get across was important

3 Home  The title “Home” maybe means that he is trying to make the other person feel comfortable and make them feel at home.  The message/theme is let people in so they can help you in your time of need because you’re probably not the only one going through your situation.  Rhythm: down-found, clear-fear Repetition: because I’m gonna make this place your home

4 Some Nights By: Fun Well most of it I think talks about him being in the war. It’s about having something worth sacrificing yourself for. War is the general metaphor and it talks about family, so what would be so important to leave your family and maybe die a miserable death. I think the message/theme in this song would be sometimes you have to make sacrifices that you don’t think about in the long run, and that you will sometimes regret some of the choices that you make.

5 Some Nights  This song is figurative language because it doesn’t really say what it means it uses a different choice of words to get his message across.  No there is no rhyme inn this poem.  The title relates to the song because it talks about what he thinks about some nights when he’s away from his loved ones.  Repetition: Some nights, what do I stand for Personification: some nights I wish my lips could build a castle, cashing in my bed

6 Both Songs a. I don’t think that my songs have similar themes b/c Home talks about helping someone out while Some Nights talks about him helping himself out and trying to solve his own issues that he has. b. Not really because the songs are about two different things, they have nothing in common. c. There is no similar rhythm patterns because not both of them have rhythm, only Home does.

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