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Fahrenheit 451 Burning Bright Pages 113-136.

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1 Fahrenheit 451 Burning Bright Pages

2 1. To what did Bradbury compare the scene at Montag’s house?
A carnival Pg 113

3 2. How did Beatty describe Clarisse?
Idiot Damn do-gooder Pg

4 3. What did Mildred regret losing in the fire?
Her “family”– the TV and its shows Pg 114

5 4. Who turned in the alarm on Montag?
Mildred But the friends had turned one in that Beatty ignored Pg 117

6 5. Why was Montag afraid to run?
He was afraid of the Mechanical Hound killing him Pg 116

7 6. What did Beatty discover when he hit Montag
6. What did Beatty discover when he hit Montag? Because of the discovery, what did he threaten to do? The “green bullet” that was the radio between Montag and Faber Track Faber down and “pay him a visit” Pg 118

8 7. Why did Beatty make Montag burn his house with the flame thrower?
To make it more personal To make Montag feel even more pain Pg 116

9 8. What old feeling came back to Montag as he burned his own house?
The pleasure to burn But it was different than before Pg 116

10 9. Why did Montag kill Beatty?
Because he was going to find Faber Pg

11 10. Montag realized that Beatty wanted to die
10. Montag realized that Beatty wanted to die. What explanation can you give for this? Your opinion– but… I think Beatty knew that the cycle (of buring books) wasn’t right– and I think that Beatty wanted to die a martyr and go down as a hero. Pg 122

12 11. What happened to the Mechanical Hound?
Montag destroyed it with his flamethrower But it still stabbed Montag in the leg Pg 120

13 12. What two announcements did Montag hear on the seashell radio?
That he was a wanted man War had been declared Pg

14 13. Why is it appropriate that war in finally declared at this point in the novel? How does this correlate with the inner Montag and his relationship to society? Because of the war that’s been between Montag and the society is finally coming to fruition– it’s been building all the way through the book but is now a reality No page needed

15 14. What happened when Montag crossed the ten lane highway?
A car full of kids tried to kill him Pg

16 15. What did Montag do at the fireman’s house?
Leave a book on the counter and then call in an alarm on the fireman Pg

17 16. When Montag arrives at Faber’s, how does he act differently than he did during his last visit there? Not as anxious- not as dependent on Faber. Pg

18 17. Where is Montag going after he leaves Faber’s house?
To the railroad tracks- to find the hobo (walking) camps Pg 132

19 18. Who is hiding out in the hobo camps? Why?
Harvard grads Because they’re wanted and hunted in the cities Pg 132

20 19. Where will Faber be going on the 5am bus? Why?
St. Louis The see a retired printer to get copies of the books made Pg 132

21 20. What do Montag and Faber see on his small television?
A new Mechanical Hound searching for Montag Pg 133

22 21. Why do you think Montag took a set of Faber’s clothes and the whiskey?
To help kill his smell so the Mechanical Hound can’t find him Pg 136

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