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1 Concept Mapping Driving Students to Make Connections.

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1 1 Concept Mapping Driving Students to Make Connections

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3 3 Concept Map (n.) Diagram that visually represents the relationships between ideas Tool to promote active learning

4 4 Goals Expand your understanding of concept mapping uses for the classroom Evaluate how concept mapping fits into your classroom and schoolwide content area literacy

5 5 Sample Concept Map

6 6

7 7 Ways to Use Concept Mapping Humanities Character Webs Literary Analysis Prewriting for Essays Biographies Cause and Effect Compare and Contrast Brainstorming Unit Review Unit Assessment Science & Math Flow Charts Lab Report Concept Connections Venn Diagram Graphic Organizers Processing Information Unit Review Unit Assessment

8 8 The Benefits Clarifies thinking Assesses depth of understanding Examines relationships Identifies misconceptions Access higher order thinking skills Stimulates discussion Reveals thinking processes Creates a record of learning

9 9 Integrating Technology Small group work Individual work Whole class discussion Using software

10 10 Whole Class Discussion 1) Students create individual maps before discussion 2) Assign jobs: Typist for class map Tracker for participation Moderator to keep on track

11 11 Whole Class Discussion 3) Set stage for discussion (goals, format, rules, etc.) 4) Conduct discussion 5) Wrap-up & conclusion: Summary of learning Assessment of process Distribute maps

12 12 Benefits of Technology Inspirations  Software Aspect Easier map manipulation Integrates graphics Outline to diagram conversion Builds confidence using technology Facilitates communication of ideas Focuses attention (30 day free trial)

13 13 The Concept Map Group Test: Review & Knowledge Building Teacher Selects key concepts or vocabulary from unit. Students team up in 3’s Focuses attention on concepts Forces consensus Clarifies thinking Shares “world” view Produces a knowledge product

14 14 Some Closing Thoughts  “ I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you” Anonymous  "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." Socrates “This concept mapping really helped me learn” …Helix Student

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