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Paige Canard Ashley Peters Emily Simmerson BMI Testing in School is WAY UNCOOL.

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1 Paige Canard Ashley Peters Emily Simmerson BMI Testing in School is WAY UNCOOL

2 What is the Body Mass Index (BMI)? Measures for obesity Weight in pounds divided by height in square inches Determines if a person is Underweight Healthy Overweight Obese

3 How to interpret BMI scores? Underweight- less than 18.5 Normal- between 18.5 and 24.9 Overweight – 25 and above Obesity – 30 or above

4 How BMI affects individuals in Arkansas? Who is required to have BMI test? Kindergarten Second Grade Fourth Grade Sixth Grade Eight Grade Tenth Grade Exemption provided with a written refusal from guardian.

5 Why is BMI used in schools? Surveillance Weight status of particular age group or population Percentage at risk for obesity Percentage at risk for health-related illnesses

6 What do schools do with the information? BMI number is plotted on an age growth chart to obtain a percentile ranking Percentiles indicate size and growth patterns of children Percentiles are compared Schools send letters home informing of child’s condition

7 Opposing Side Obesity is a top health concern and schools play important role Goals Prevent/reduce obesity Correcting misconceptions of student weight Motivate society to be healthy Increase obesity awareness Not Harmful No communication of sensitive information No follow up care required Inexpensive and quick

8 Disadvantages Increase dissatisfaction with body image Pressure to engage in harmful weight- loss Can lead to eating disorders Tests not administered correctly Students label each other Cause low self-esteem No way to discriminate between fat and muscle Send home letter, but no education provided Parents refusal to let child be tested

9 Personal Stories Fourth Grade GirlSecond Grade Boy Happy Athletic Borderline Overweight Anorexia Recess Friends High Confidence Overweight 20 pounds

10 Alternative Methods Skinfold Test Measures the fat of certain sites Calculates the actual body fat percentage Waist Circumference Test Used in the military Measures the risk for health-related illnesses Adaptation of the California Fitnessgram Establish a lifetime habit of regular physical activity Composed of 5 areas Aerobic Capacity, abdominal strength, upper body strength, a body composition, and flexibility. Nutrition and Physical Education curriculum Nutrition and physical education are integrated with the classroom curriculum Nutritionists come and give information to parents Healthy and happy

11 Written Statement Paige Canard, Ashley Peters, and Emily Simmerson chose to advocate against mandatory BMI testing in public schools. This issue is important because it impacts thousands of lives each and every year, for better and for worse. This issue is relevant to Early Childhood Education because in Arkansas, it is mandatory for all students in Kindergarten, second grade, and fourth grade to be tested. These results have a direct and immediate impact on the lives of these students. As future educators who have been impacted by this law, we feel it is our duty to speak out for children who are harmed and discouraged by this test.

12 BMI in School Is Way Uncool!

13 Collaborations Groups Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families Ensure children and families have the resources to lead healthy and productive lives Alliance for Health Reform Advocates for others to understand the nation’s health care problems and proposals for change American of Pediatrics Committed to improving health and well-being for all children American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law Area of expertise is adolescent health Center for American Progress Dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through ideas and Actions

14 Resources CDC= Centers for Disease Control and Prevention article entitled Body Mass Index Measurements in Schools : BMI Executive Summary Amanda Turner- Masters Degree in Physical Education Pediatrics: Official Journey of the American Academy of Pediatrics

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