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Prevent them from happening to you!

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1 Prevent them from happening to you!
STD/STI Prevent them from happening to you!

2 Statistics Roughly 9.5 million young adults (15 – 24) have STDs.
4 in 10 sexually active females (14-19) have an STD. There are 15 millions new cases per year. 2/3’s of all STD’s occur in people under 25 Of infertile Americans - 15% of women and 12 % of men are infertile because of untreated STD’s.

3 Most common STD/STI’s in young adults:
1) HPV 2) Chlamydia 3) Trichomoniasis 4) Genital Herpes 5) Gonorrhea

4 Condoms help prevent Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV and Trichomoniasis

5 Trichomoniasis Cause: infection with a parasite.
Transmission: Sexual contact Symptoms in Men: itching or burning inside penis after urination or ejaculation. Symptoms in women: itching, burning, smelly discharge, painful urination. Complications: raises chance of getting or spreading other STD’s including HIV. Treatment: Antibiotics

6 Bacterial Vaginosis Cause: Imbalance of bacteria in the woman’s vagina. (Not a STD but sexual activity especially with multiple partners can raise chance of it occurring.) Transmission:?Not sure. Symptoms: abnormal vaginal discharge, strong fish odor – especially after intercourse. Also burning during urination and itching around vagina. Complications: Increased risk of getting other STD’s.

7 Treatment: Antibiotics.
Very important for pregnant women. It can cause low birth weight or premature birth. It can also cause PID

8 Genital Herpes Cause: Herpes Simplex Virus
Type 1 – above the waist (not an STD) Type 2 – Below the waist

9 Genital Herpes Transmission: Intimate sexual contact
Highly contagious when blisters break – open sores. Symptoms: 90% - no symptoms. If have – painful urination, discharge from penis or vagina. Treatment: Sores. Blood test to determine. Antiviral drug – Acyclovir. Complications: Sores are painful.. Greater chance of contracting HIV.

10 Genital Warts Cause: HPV – Human Papillomavirus – produces wart-like growth on genitals. Transmission: Very contagious, spread during intimate sexual contact and by direct contact with bed linens, towels, and clothing. Also to baby during vaginal child birth.

11 Symptoms: Most people don’t show symptoms.
When they do appear – soft, red or pink and look like a cauliflower. In men: On tip of penis, also on the shaft, scrotum or around the anus. In females: on the vulva, labia, in the vagina, and around the anus.

12 Genital Warts Treatment: No treatment will completely get rid of the virus. Warts can be lasered or frozen off. Gardasil – Vaccine for both boys and girls before they become sexually active. It works against 4 types of HPV. Complications: HPV increase risk of cancer of the cervix, vulva, anus and penis.

13 Genital Warts

14 Gonorrhea – “The Clap” Cause: Bacteria – infects linings of genital and urinary tracts of males and females. Transmission: Intimate sexual contact. Babies also can contract at birth. Symptoms Males: white, milky discharge from penis, and burning during urination.

15 Gonorrhea Symptoms Females: many have no symptoms. Vaginal discharge, burning during urination. Treatment: Antibiotics Complications: Bacteria can spread to bloodstream and infect joints, heart valves, and the brain. It can cause sterility in men and women.

16 Syphilis Cause: Spirochete Bacteria
Transmission: Intimate sexual contact Symptoms: Primary – a chancre sore. Secondary – skin rash, very contagious. Treatment: Antibiotics. Later stages damage done to organs can not be reversed. Complications: organ damage, mental illness.




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