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Wellness Diet and Health Connection How well do you stack up?

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1 Wellness Diet and Health Connection How well do you stack up?

2 Consider the following: 35% of all cancers related to diet 25% of new cases of diabetes could be prevented if people avoided weight gain Obesity doubles your chance of high blood pressure

3 What’s in it for you? Changes to a healthy life style has definite long term benefits Reduces risk of heart disease Lowers the chance you will take medications, have surgery. Gives you control over your life

4 Your Healthy Weight Healthy life style biggest defense against health problems related to weight gain Eat well and lead an active lifestyle What is healthy weight? –Goes beyond what you weigh –Considers where you carry your weight

5 Two Calculations Body Mass Index (BMI) –Estimates how much mass, including fat, you have –Relates your weight to health risks of being overweight better than a scale can –BMI between 19 and 25 is healthy –27-30 moderately overweight –Above 30 seriously overweight Go to the above WEB site and look at your body mass.

6 2 nd Calculation Waist to hip ratio –Helps pinpoint where you carry most of your weight or fat –Defined sometimes as: Apple shapes- carry weight in stomach area Pears carry weight in hips and thighs –Apple shapes at higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer.. Weight is closer to internal organs.

7 Waist to Hip Ratio Step Do this at home using a dressmaker’s tape measure. Measure your waist at your navel Measure your hips at their widest point Divide your hip measurement into your waist measurement. For example- 30 inch waist and 38 inch hip, divide 38 into 30 and waist to hip ratio is 0.79. Women healthy ratio is below 0.80 Men healthy ratio is below 1.0

8 Eating Well Life style changes count more than just dieting which is usually a short fix. Exercise often. Muscle burns calories you eat. Less muscle, more fat is stored Strength and endurance exercises the best. –Exercising with weights, swimming, walking, dancing, etc., reduces muscle loss due to aging. –Helps to keep calcium in your bones, strengthens your heart.

9 Easy ways to add exercise to your life Take the stairs Park away from your building/ shopping center, etc. Walk instead of riding to a destination Do a walk date- walk your dog Mow the lawn, do yard work Wash car by hand Avoid walking shortcuts. Walk during lunch, play ball, etc Use athletic equipment while at school.

10 Enhancing Health and Wellness Healthy weight goes beyond numbers’ scale Eat well by choosing a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains such as breads, rice and pasta. Become physically active.

11 Summing It All Up ! Take the nutrition IQ test. Number your paper from 1-12. Respond to the questions on the screen. Compare your answers to the key. How is your nutritional IQ? /tl/rq/nutrition_1.jsp /tl/rq/nutrition_1.jsp

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