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DMC Body Mechanics Page 1 of 16 DMC Corporate Audit and Compliance Department Detroit Medical Center© January, 2010 DMC Body Mechanics.

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1 DMC Body Mechanics Page 1 of 16 DMC Corporate Audit and Compliance Department Detroit Medical Center© January, 2010 DMC Body Mechanics

2 Page 2 of 16 Objectives  Learn the important aspects of ergonomics in the workplace.  Identify the “Do’s and Don’ts” of good body mechanics.  Prevent injuries to yourself and your patients.  Review preparation steps for moving patients.

3 DMC Body Mechanics Page 3 of 16 Factors That May Contribute to Back and Body Injuries Most injuries are the result of:  Months or years of poor body mechanics  Life stresses  Poor posture  Loss of flexibility  Lack of physical fitness  Smoking  Poor eating/drinking habits

4 DMC Body Mechanics Page 4 of 16 How Can You Prevent Injuries? Most injuries may be avoided by using good prevention methods:  Use good body mechanics  Stay physically fit and active  Use mechanical assist devices when possible Lifts Carts Dolly  Get help when necessary

5 DMC Body Mechanics Page 5 of 16 Ergonomics - Sitting Sit in a chair that allows:  Both feet to be flat on the floor or use a foot rest  Elbows and hips to be bent at 90° with your shoulders relaxed  For support of the back, arm and wrist  Sit close to your work Do not:  Slump or lean forward or downward to reach for work  Sit for more than 60 minutes without getting up or changing positions

6 DMC Body Mechanics Page 6 of 16 Ergonomics - Standing When standing:  Bring your work close to you  Put one foot up and frequently shift your weight and position  Keep your work at a comfortable height  Wear comfortable shoes and stand on an anti-fatigue mat, if possible Do not :  Stand in one place too long  Stand bent forward at your waist or neck  Lock your knees into a straight or over-extended position

7 DMC Body Mechanics Page 7 of 16 Body Mechanics - Moving Objects When moving objects:  Push whenever possible  Keep head up, knees bent, and back straight  Keep the load in front and use both hands  Remain close to the item being pushed Do not:  Pull when you can push  Twist your body  Lean forward

8 DMC Body Mechanics Page 8 of 16 Body Mechanics - Carrying Objects When carrying objects:  Test load first  Use a cart/transfer device, whenever possible  Pivot with your feet – don’t twist at your waist  Make multiple trips  Use both hands  Keep objects near your body and directly in front of you  Ask for assistance with heavy and/or large items (If items are too heavy and/or large, GET HELP IMMEDIATELY!) Do not:  Carry with one hand  Twist your body  Carry with a bent-over, stooped posture

9 DMC Body Mechanics Page 9 of 16 Body Mechanics – Reaching For An Object When reaching for an object:  Keep back straight  Reach with two hands  Face the object  Stand on a stable step-stool to reach high items  Bend knees slightly Do not:  Overreach by standing on toes  Reach with one hand  Twist at your waist  Stand on an unsafe surface  Reach with legs locked in a straight position

10 DMC Body Mechanics Page 10 of 16 Body Mechanics – Lifting Objects When lifting objects:  Use a mechanical lift device, when feasible  Keep objects close to your body and directly in front  Keep feet at least shoulder width apart  Test the load before lifting  Squat, bending your knees and hips  Keep your head up and back straight  Tighten stomach and lift with leg muscles  Request help with heavy items

11 DMC Body Mechanics Page 11 of 16 Body Mechanics – Lifting Objects When lifting objects, do not:  Lift in a bent-over, stooped position  Twist at your waist  Lift with one hand  Lift with outstretched arms  Keep feet together  Lift above shoulders or below knees, when possible

12 DMC Body Mechanics Page 12 of 16 Prepare Patient for Move  Update yourself on the patient’s condition.  Communicate with patient.  Position the patient for transfer.

13 DMC Body Mechanics Page 13 of 16 Prepare Yourself/Staff for Patient Move  Keep feet apart, knees bent with back and head straight.  Be close to patient.  Use transfer device to assist in moving patient: Transfer belt Slide or roller board Draw sheet  Pivot feet; do not twist your waist.  Have adequate number of staff available to transfer patient, based on patient’s size and/or type of transfer required. i.e. transfer of large patients and/or from bed to stretcher require minimally two persons

14 DMC Body Mechanics Page 14 of 16 Prepare Equipment for Patient Move  Use mechanical lifts when possible.  Adjust position and height of equipment.  Remember to always – lock the wheels.  Get assistance when necessary.

15 DMC Body Mechanics Page 15 of 16 Ergonomics and Body Mechanics Summary  Be prepared for work by staying physically fit and active.  Follow proper ergonomic tips while sitting or standing.  Use appropriate techniques when moving, carrying, lifting or reaching for objects; get assistance when necessary.  Use proper procedures for moving patients safely and without additional discomfort or pain.  For additional information about ergonomics and/or body mechanics, please contact your Safety Officer.

16 DMC Body Mechanics Page 16 of 16 Thank You We hope this NetLearning course has been both informative and helpful. Please feel free to review this course until you are confident about your knowledge of the material presented. Click the Take Test button, located on the left side of the screen, to complete the requirements for this course. For future reference this module is available on the NetLearning Library under the 2010 Core Curriculum category. The NetLearning Library link is found on the DMC Intraweb screen under the NetLearning drop-down list.

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