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Water Purification during natural disasters

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1 Water Purification during natural disasters
By Sanjna, Anumita, Chaitanya, Geethika

2 Lavancha root “ In India water used for drinking is kept in an earthen pot and is mixed with Lavancha root and it works as water purifier.

3 Moringa seeds Moringa seeds are produced annually in the tropical and sub tropical countries of Asia and Africa. Like the rest of the plant, they are highly valued, as they give us the incredibly nutritious Moringa Tree. The Moringa oleifera tree, also known as the Tree of Life, has a host of nutritive uses for both people and livestock alike.

4 Bleach If boiling is not possible, treat water by adding liquid household bleach, such as Clorox or Purex. Household bleach is typically between 5 percent and 6 percent chlorine. Avoid using bleaches that contain perfumes, dyes and other additives. Be sure to read the label.

5 Boil water Fill a pot with water. Let any particles in the water settle to the bottom of the pot, or filter them through a paper towel or clean cloth. Bring water to a rolling boil for 3-5 minutes. Pour the water back and forth between two clean containers to restore oxygen, thereby improving taste. Let the water cool before drinking.

6 Solar energy Solar energy is found to be beneficial in purifying the water and disinfecting it. For this, you need to pour water into clear plastic PET bottles and expose it to direct sunlight, for at least 6 hours. 

7 Diseases due to dirty water
Cholera Dysentery Amoebas Parasites E. Coli Guardia diarrhea Typhoid

8 Cholera disease Cholera is caused by drinking water contaminates. It is a contagious disease . The most common cause of cholera is by some one eating food ,or drinking water that has contaminated with the bacteria.

9 Dysentery

10 Amoebas

11 Parasites

12 E. Coli

13 Giardia

14 Diarrhea diarrhea frequent passage of lo

15 Typhoid Typhoid fever , it is a common worldwide bacterial diseases by ingestion of food or water contaminated in the feces of an infected person , poor sanitation , contaminated and infected milk or some of the main chapter responsible for typhoid .





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