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Help and Documentation. 2 Agenda User Support Requirements Types of doc/help User Support Approaches Presentation issues.

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1 Help and Documentation

2 2 Agenda User Support Requirements Types of doc/help User Support Approaches Presentation issues

3 3 User Support Help –Problem-oriented and specific Documentation –System-oriented and general

4 4 Help & Documentation Never a replacement for bad design, but essential Simple system Most other systems with rich features require help

5 5 Documentation Kebanyakan user tidak suka membaca manual –Boring, no goal –start working Sering digunakan saat kondisi panik, ketika user membutuhkan bantuan secepatnya

6 6 User Support Requirements Ketersediaan –Should be available any time the user is operating the system Ketelitian & Kelengkapan –Should be accurate (tricky with changing versions) and should cover all aspects of application

7 7 User Support Requirements Konsisten –Across different sections, between on-line and paper documentation, in terminology, content and style Ketahanan –Should be predictable and free of errors

8 8 User Support Requirements Fleksibilitas –Mulai dari user awam sampai yg ahli Unobtrusiveness –Tidak mengacaukan

9 9 Types of Doc/Help 1. Tutorial 2. Quick reference/review 3. Reference Manual (Full explanation) 4. Context-sensitive (task-specific) help

10 10 Types of Doc/Help 1. Tutorial –For start-up –Gets user going –Convey conceptual model –Communicate essential items –Sometimes see on-line tour or demo –

11 11 Types of Doc/Help 2. Quick reference/review –Reminder or short reference –Often for syntax –Can be recall aid for expert –Can allow novice to see what’s available – wpdchap.htm wpdchap.htm – ml

12 12

13 13 Types of Doc/Help 3. Reference Manual (Full explanation) –Detailed command descriptions –Usually for experts –Unix on-line manual pages, for example – /sts-newsref/stsref-toc.html

14 14 Reference Manual

15 15 Types of Doc/Help 4. Context-sensitive (task- specific) help –System provides help on current situation –Macintosh balloon help, for example –Other examples?

16 16 User Support Approaches Command assistance –Detil spesifik pada command tertentu, seperti MAN pada linux/unix –Bagus jika user tahu apa yg diinginkan Command prompts –Message ketika user melakukan kesalahan

17 17 User Support Approaches Context-sensitive help –Knowledge of particular user to information pertinent to a particular situation or interface item

18 18 User Support Approaches Wizards Takes user through procedure step by step Inflexible, & often slow. Also problematic if user gets stuck

19 19 User Support Approaches On-line tutorials –Work through simple examples, provide a feel for application –http://w3.aces.uiuc.ed u/AIM/scale/ ml –http://www.w3schools. com/

20 20 User Support Approaches On-line documentation –How much like paper doc? –Electronic can emphasize hypertext, indexing, and searching more –

21 21 Advantages of on-line help Always available with the application - paper manuals often unavailable Don’t require extra desk space. Electronically updated – fast & low cost Electronic searching facilitates rapid location of specific information Can use graphics, sound, color, and animations to explain complex functions Can provide interactive & context specific help Links to other on-line resources

22 22

23 23 Disadvantages of on-line help Reading screens always slower than paper Small displays require frequent page turning Display resolution less than printed material (v. important when graphics are used)

24 24 Medium Paper versus monitor Studies show that people are 15-30% slower reading and comprehending text from a display as compared to paper

25 25 Presentation Issues Integrate with system, don’t “add on” 1. How is help requested? –Command, button, function, separate applic –Advantages, disadvantages? 2. How is help displayed? –Separate window, whole screen, part of screen, on top of applic., pop-up box, command line, highlighted button, light bulb.. –Largely depends on what type of help it is

26 26 Peluang?

27 27 Presentation Issues 3. Effective presentation of help –Design it like any other part of UI: language, terminology, jargon, etc. –Use active voice “To close a window, place the mouse cursor in the box at the upper right corner (with the X) and click the mouse button.” 4. Implementation issues –Fast response time is important –How is help stored? File, database, …?

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