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‘ Technology that manages your people with you’ Copyright Townhouse Consulting Ltd The Absence Management System.

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1 ‘ Technology that manages your people with you’ Copyright Townhouse Consulting Ltd The Absence Management System

2 Much more than a recording system – an internal resource that provides legally and procedurally compliant information, guidance and advice to line managers, at the desktop; A simple, secure system that ensures sensible, consistent decision taking based on best practice next steps, relevant to each individual case; A storage facility to record each employee’s absence and the actions and decisions taken, overcoming record keeping shortfalls; A database to support administration (letters, forms, templates and log sheets) – everything the manager needs to manage and reduce absence levels without the need to get advice elsewhere; Up-to-the-minute data recording and analysis. AMS: What It Provides

3 Password protected access; Simple welcome screen and user experience; Employee records split down to team or location; Detailed employee fields recording absences, actions and outcomes; Archived data with detailed auditable information; A comprehensive reporting capability; Fully integrated with existing policies, procedures, and data systems. The Programme Content

4 The Welcome Screen Let’s start by researching an employee’s record

5 The Absence Details: Jayne Elliott The initial screen records the first contact with Jayne and options for the next actions

6 Following Advice Prompts encourage the manager to consider their actions and assess their approach. AMS helps them to think

7 Telephone Script: First contact The following script is designed to enable you to apply a consistent approach to a telephone call. Every case should be judged on its own merits, but a consistent approach and style can help you deliver a professional call. Once you have applied this approach to a number of your calls you will start to notice that the content has become more natural to you and the script will no longer be required. It is vital that you try and ask all of the following questions as soon as you make first contact with an absent employee. This way you can capture as much data as possible. All information must be recorded on the AMS system. Standard Opening: ‘ Thank you for letting me know that you are unable to attend today. I just need to ask you a few questions about why you are unable to attend. It is vital that you try and give me as much information as possible so that I can record your answers on the Absence Management System. This is a standard procedure and nothing to worry about. ’ 1. How would you describe your illness? 2. What medication have you taken? 3. Have you seen a doctor? 4. What advice have you been given? 5. Has this occurred before? 6. If so, how do you usually control it? 7. How long do you envisage being absent? 8. How can I support you? 9. When can we talk again for an update? Record all of this information in the case notes. Standard Close: ‘ Thank you for answering my questions. I do hope that you start to feel better soon. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and I look forward to speaking to you again soon. ’ Always agree a next action e.g. another call or a home visit Scripts give managers the confidence to make a call and cover all of the relevant points, ensuring all the information required is captured and recorded.

8 Recording Information and Actions This page shows us the history of this case to date

9 21 st February 2008 Dear Jayne RE: Return to Work Interview Invitation Following your recent absence from work I am inviting you to attend a return to work interview on 22 nd February 2008 at 10.30am in room 3, A block. Our meeting is designed to formally welcome you back to work as well as ascertain the severity of your illness and determine if this is likely to reoccur in the near future. We will also use the opportunity to discuss any help and support the company may provide to assist with your effective return in the form of a rehabilitation programme. The programme will detail what responsibilities you will undertake during your initial return and appropriate timescales for review. I am delighted to see you back in the business and believe that these meetings help our employees to feel part of the team again. Should this date and time be inconvenient then please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a more suitable appointment. I look forward to seeing you shortly. Yours sincerely Sue Bishop Team manager 07841 985236 Supporting Administration Letter templates enable a manager to send out appropriate correspondence without the help of administration or HR

10 Comprehensive Reporting; Resource Planning; Researching Trends and Influences, by manager, team, division and business unit. All accessible by more senior managers so that individual cases can be audited and reviewed, and subordinate managers’ decisions and actions checked as required. Additional Facilities

11 Cost analysis Trends Managing performance Assessing fair conduct and consistent management Detailed information to support a manager’s actions and decisions – especially useful at a tribunal Reporting

12 Reduce absence; Engage people; Develop managers; Uphold the duty of care; Share best practice; Improve business performance. Outputs and Key Benefits

13 Consistent Approach Confidence for Managers Standard Recording Effective Reporting Auditable History Resource Analysis & Planning Let’s Recap

14 The Absence Management System – Next Steps ‘Technology that manages your people with you’ This short presentation gives just a flavour of what AMS can do; In a world where HR can no longer afford to provide transactional advice to line managers on individual cases, AMS puts information, knowledge, advice, and responsibility into the hands of line managers, in real time, at the desktop; AMS addresses the need of any organisation to achieve maximum commitment from existing resource through regular and effective attendance; We will be delighted to arrange a detailed system demonstration at your premises whenever convenient. Call Helen Hill, Client Director, on 07841 685907 or email

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