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Diabetes and Pregnancy

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1 Diabetes and Pregnancy
Dr. Miems Kleynhans

2 Diabetes and Pregnancy
Can a “normal” person also become diabetic in pregnancy?

3 Gestational Diabetes Definition: Diabetes with onset or first recognition in pregnancy Pregestational diabetes: Diabetes diagnosed before pregnancy, type I or II Gestational diabetes : 87% of all diabetes in pregnancy

4 Who will get gestational diabetes?
It could happen to anybody

5 Should we screen and when?
YES!!! Ideal world - between weeks gestation Glucose tolerance test – 75mg In South Africa?

6 Selective screening : 10 factors
History of previous gestational diabetes Certain ethnic groups Older than 35 years Weight more than 85 kg First degree family history of DM History of typical diabetic symptoms Previous infant over 4kg Previous stillbirth Severe polihydramnios Repeated glycosuria

7 Why should we screen ?

8 What are the effects of diabetes on the pregnancy?
Antepartum: Congenital abnormalities Macrosomia Intrauterine death Polyhydramnios – preterm labour

9 What are the effects of diabetes on the pregnancy?
Delivery: Shoulder dystocia Erb’s palsy

10 What are the effects of diabetes on the pregnancy?
Postpartum: Neonatal hypoglycaemia Polycythaemia Hyperbilirubinaemia Respiratory distress syndrome

11 Biggest fear? Unexplained intrauterine death
Fetal hyperglycaemia and hyperinsulinemia Increased fetal oxygen consumption Fetal hypoglycaemia and acidosis

12 Management Confirm diagnosis Ophthalmologist
Kidney function – 24 hour protein clearance Blood pressure Urine – MCS First trimester screening and detailed anatomy sonar TSH HbA1C Fetal monitoring

13 Treatment Control known diabetic patients optimally before conception
Diet Insulin – gold standard Oral hypoglycaemic agents – more studies needed

14 Delivery : When? Often preterm Corticosteroids in hospital
Glucose abnormal up to 5 days Multidisciplinary decision Mom vs. fetus

15 Delivery : How? The big debate
Caesarean section vs. normal vaginal delivery All factors into consideration – macrosomal, timing, urgency, maternal choice . . .

16 Conclusion We have to screen Increasing problem world wide
We can improve outcome dramatically

17 Thank you

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