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Tobacco Is Found in:.

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1 Tobacco Is Found in:

2 Nicotine Is a colorless, odorless drug in tobacco that stimulates the nervous system and is highly addictive.

3 Tobacco Use: Is the use of any nicotine-containing tobacco products, such as Cigarettes Cigars Smokeless tobacco

4 Effects of Nicotine: Dulls taste buds. Is addicting.
Stimulates the nervous system. Constricts blood vessels. Increases heart rate and blood pressure.

5 Other Substances in Tobacco
Carbon Monoxide Is an odorless, tasteless, colorless poisonous gas found in tobacco. Replaces oxygen in red blood cells & cause strain on the heart. Tar A thick, sticky fluid that is produced when tobacco burns.

6 Effects of smoking on your body systems
Cardiovascular System – Increase in heart rate causing wear and tear on the heart. Increase Risk of: 1- stroke 2- heart disease

7 Respiratory System Smoking prevents the lungs from working effectively as they can. Tobacco smokes harms the cilia in the nose, throat, and bronchial tubes that are to trap dust and other particles and remove them.

8 Smoking-Related Conditions & Diseases
Affects the senses of taste & smell Narrow air passages in the lungs causing ASTHMA Increase risk of CANCER in mouth, throat, lungs, & breast.

9 Smoking-Related Conditions & Diseases
Emphysema air sacs in lungs lose most of their function – difficult for oxygen to be absorbed into bloodstream. Shortness of breath. Does not go away! Chronic bronchitis – disease where there is too much mucus lining the bronchial tubes.

10 Smoking and Your Appearance
Your clothes & hair smell -Your teeth turn yellow - Your skin becomes wrinkly & blotchy

11 Second Hand Smoke Is a combination of smoke from the smokers lungs & the smoke from a burning cigarette, cigar or pipe.

12 Sidestream Smoke Smoke directly from a burning cigarette, pipe, or cigar.

13 Secondhand Smoke & Sidestream Smoke
Increases the risk lung cancer, respiratory infection, heart disease, ear infections, bronchitis, pheumonia

14 Smokeless Tobacco Two forms: 1 - Chewing tobacco & 2 - Snuff

15 Chewing Tobacco Is a tobacco product made from chopped tobacco leaves that is placed between the cheek and gums.

16 Snuff is a tobacco product made from powdered tobacco leaves and stems that is placed between the cheek & gums.

17 Effects of Smokeless Tobacco
NOT a safe alternative to smoking. Increase risk of cancer of the mouth & throat Causes tooth & gum decay Bad Breath & yellow teeth Develop soars in your stomach from swallowing some of it.

18 N-Nitrosamines (cancer-causing agents) Formaldehyde (a favorite preservative of dead things in biology class) Cadmium (used in car batteries) Arsenic (what you'd like to feed your worst enemies) Lead (the poisonous kind) Benzene (toxic liquid sometimes used as motor fuel) Polonium 210 (a radioactive element)

19 Tobacco Cessation Programs
Programs to help someone Quit smoking to improve their health… Can decrease risk of: Lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory infections, ulcers, bad breath, yellow teeth.

20 A pack of cigarettes is $4.00
Smoking and Money $$$ The price of cigarettes continues to increases A pack of cigarettes is $4.00

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