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City of Santa Cruz Using a crisis to empower a community.

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1 City of Santa Cruz Using a crisis to empower a community

2 Get Involved: Stay Informed

3 Economic Developments Core Mission Economic Development Mission Statement - Create a more balanced revenue base for city government - Work within a framework of preserving the cultural and environmental aspects that make the community so unique

4 Goals I. Increase Access to Capital for entrepreneurs and SMBs II. Identify and Retain Talent III. Streamline the Interaction of Private Capital / Energy with Local Government

5 Capital We are focused on working to leverage our tax increments to address the credit crunch brought on by the Global Recession - New Market Tax Credits (National Development Corporation) - SBA Backed Revolving Loan Program - Micro Lending Revolving Loan Programs

6 Retention of Talent New Tech Meetup Santa Cruz Geeks SBDC Freelance Camp Girls in Tech

7 Working With UCSC

8 An Ecosystem of Cooperation Entrepreneurs / SMB need not go it alone in Santa Cruz Government Support: - Economic Development runs on social capital - Role as facilitator - Socialize our innovative companies - Encourage local investment - Fund programs and organizations that foster our main goals, liquidity and talent retention

9 Marketing & Technology New tactics for a new economy Focus on developing sustainability

10 California Finances

11 The Private Sector Has It Easy

12 9 Sets of Reductions

13 A New Kind of Government

14 Fix West Cliff if it falls in the Sea

15 Rebuild after an earthquake Rebuild after an Earthquake… Or a Tsunami

16 Vital Services

17 We needed to communicate directly with the public and reset expectations of what a City can and cant provide its citizens

18 Who Controls the Debate?

19 Vox Populi

20 Anonymous Speaks

21 New Tools, New Conversations

22 Obligatory Picture of Serenity

23 Crisis forced us to try something new Potential Landmines - IP issues - IT security - Free speech implications - Bureaucratic Territory - Over Politicization

24 A New Framework Not YOU should do this, but WE CAN do this.

25 Accessibility

26 Two Paths: One Clear Choice Reason Madness

27 Widening the Debate

28 A Voice Emerges

29 Sorry for the Small Print

30 Still Outliers

31 Updates & Information

32 Success on a Shoestring


34 Cruelest Cut

35 Lessons Learned Dont rely on a third party to tell your story Show all your cards Public Opinion can be reasonable, creative and powerful Solicit feedback in narrow channels without anonymity

36 Good Examples of this Philosophy

37 Geeks are a Patriotic & Powerful Resource Technology is the only service than can help automate municipal processes, saving dollars and increasing efficiency Technology leads to more transparency, a good thing for democracy Technology can help to foster innovation Can help get more (and different) people involved in an ongoing debate

38 Results The Status Quo cant hold through more budget cycles like this - The community must be taken into consideration when making cuts - This website framework can be used for other crises - Exploring real time feedback in council meetings - Reframed the debate around economic development - Slow / no growth versus smart / green growth

39 Results Out of the top ten ideas voted up on the site more than half are under serious discussion at the City. - Palomar Hotel - IT / Tech Development - Mutual aid in public safety and fire

40 Thanks to the team... And you

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