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Unlocking the mind to critical thinking. “Thinking about Thinking”

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1 Unlocking the mind to critical thinking. “Thinking about Thinking”

2 How can you decide what is true and meaningful?  Analytical thinking  Creative thinking  Logical thinking  Critical thinking  Reflective thinking

3 Analytical Thinking Ask yourself, “How can I break this problem down into its constituent parts?”

4 Creative Thinking Ask yourself, “How might I approach this problem in new and inventive ways?”

5 Logical Thinking Ask yourself, “How can orderly, deductive reasoning help me think clearly?”

6 Critical Thinking Ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish here, and how will I know when I’ve succeeded?”

7 Reflective Thinking Ask yourself, “What does it all mean?”

8 Steps in Critical Thinking  What is the purpose of my thinking?  What precise question am I trying to answer?  Within what point of view am I thinking?  What information am I using?  How am I interpreting that information?  What concepts or ideas are central to my thinking?  What conclusion was I aiming toward?  What am I taking for granted; what assumptions am I making?  If I accept the conclusions, what are the implications?  What would the consequences be if I put my thoughts into action?

9 Critical thinking helps you learn Environmental Science

10 Reading Text Are all of the theories, facts, figures, and opinions true? Much of environmental science is in an ever changing state. Data change constantly, as does our interpretation of data. Try to distinguish between statements of fact and opinion.

11 Use your critical and reflective thinking skills to uncover the truth.

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