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The Careers Powered By English series English Interview Skills Session 6 of 9 By Lado Management Consultants Adrian O’Donnell.

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1 The Careers Powered By English series English Interview Skills Session 6 of 9 By Lado Management Consultants Adrian O’Donnell

2 How to prepare for an interview

3 Contents 1.Attire 2.Selling Yourself 3.What to do 4.Stress 5.Anticipating questions 6.Preparing questions to ask 7.Routine of the interview

4 1.Attire (Dressing for the Interview) “Keeping your clothes well pressed will keep you from looking hard pressed!”

5 Men and Women Conservative & neat clothes Empty pockets Clean & well-groomed hairstyle

6 Men Silk Necktie with a conservative pattern Dark shoes (black lace-ups), clean & polished Dark (black) socks Short hairstyle No earrings No heavy cologne

7 Women Suit with jacket Business-like shoes Conservative hosiery at or near skin colour. Conservative make-up No heavy perfume Only one set of earrings

8 2.Selling Yourself Introduce yourself with a smile and a firm handshake. Maintain good eye contact.

9 Selling Yourself Show what you want to do for the company (2-3 minutes sell yourself).

10 Selling Yourself Show interest

11 Selling Yourself Positive answers

12 Selling Yourself Ask the interviewer prepared questions

13 Selling Yourself Initiate the next step

14 Selling Yourself Ask for the interviewer’s business card

15 3.What to Do Arrive 10-15 minutes early Review employer research information Have pen and paper

16 What to Do Be enthusiastic Listen carefully to the interviewer’s complete question before responding Pause before answering difficult questions

17 What to Do Keep going even if you think you have made a mistake Carry extra resumes, references etc in a portfolio. Unless asked to, do not discuss salaries and benefits

18 4.Stress Tips for handling stress Know what to expect Be prepared Focus on performance

19 Stress Prepare your answers Have a routine Keep your perspective

20 5.Anticipating Questions Focus on Your skills Your working style Your ability to work well with others How well you handle authority Your analytical skills

21 6.Preparing Questions To Ask Ask Questions Why? - indicates that your job search has been well thought out. - shows thorough research and preparation.

22 Questions to Ask  Questions to which you want an answer.  Questions that reveal the depth of your research and your interest in the job.

23 Sample questions: How and when will my performance be evaluated on this job? How is success measured in this department / organization? What will my typical day be like?

24 Sample Questions What is the number one priority of the person who accepts this job? What are your expectations for new hires within their first three to six months on the job? The first year?

25 Sample questions: Who would be my supervisor? To whom would I report? What happened to the last person who had this job?

26 Sample Questions What might I expect to be doing over the next three to five years? Are lateral or rotational job moves available to provide broader experience?

27 Questions NOT to ask What does your company do? Are you (the interviewer) married? Can you guarantee I will still have a job a year from now? The job description mentions weekend work. Would I really have to do that? How can you determine my qualifications in a short interview? How am I as a candidate?

28 More questions NOT to ask Do I get to keep the frequent flyer miles from my trips? Would anyone notice if I came in late and left early? What is the zodiac sign of your company's president? How many (particular ethnic group) do you have working here?

29 Day of the Interview Material to Bring to an Interview Resume, transcript, references, portfolio, work sample, and performance evaluations from previous employers. Notepad and pen.

30 7.The Routine of the Interview 1.Introduction 2.Employer sell 3.Candidate sell 4.Closing

31 The Routine of the Interview 1. Introduction create a comfortable, friendly environment. A light topic such as the weather, sports, or a major news story, etc.

32 The Routine of the Interview 2. Employer sell cover organizational structure, products or services, location(s), specifics on the position, salary (usually not during an initial interview), benefits, etc.

33 The Routine of the Interview 3. Candidate sell answering questions about your goals and qualifications and demonstrating your communication skills.

34 The Routine of the Interview 4. Closing both parties should indicate their level of interest in the other and understand what the next steps to be taken will be.

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