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The Sport MysteryThe Sport Mystery Written by Caitlin.

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1 The Sport MysteryThe Sport Mystery Written by Caitlin

2 Sports day was just around the corner. So Ella, Kate and Anna where practising really hard. Ella and Anna were good at everything but Kate was just no good, and every time she started, she was two minutes in and she would give up, because she was no good.

3 At break the headmistress came up to them and looked confused. Ella asked, “What is the matter?” “Well” said the headmistress “Kate’s mom told me to send her home, she didn’t sound ill though.” With that she turned and left.

4 After school Kate went home alone because Anna’s mom picked her up. While Kate was on the bus she saw a horse. Usually she would be chatting to her friends so she never saw it but today she did.

5 When she got home she found her little brothers packing. So she asked “Why are you packing?” “Well” said her mother “dad has got a new job.”

6 “Dad decided we are to buy a new house you shall have your own room!” “Cool! But where are we moving?” asked Kate “Well” said her mother “We are moving to a farm and there is a horse for you to play with. Kate was over the moon!

7 Finally it was the day for moving Kate and her friends had been talking about it for days. You see Kate had always liked horses but now she had her own horse and her parents had decided she could even have lessons

8 That morning she woke up in her own room she rushed to her window. Today she would have her first riding lesson. She rushed down stairs, ate breakfast and loaded her horse into a trailer, and of she went.

9 The next day at school she chatted non-stop about silver (that’s her horses name) her friends where really glad for her and said they wanted to visit soon and so after school Ella and Annie came over after school.

10 At her house they first explored then they played with silver. Then they went home because they had a dance exam. A month later Kate had her first show and she came third she was delighted.

11 Finally Kate had found her true talent and went on to be a very well known person and now she tries her best to never give up.

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