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A community approach to Health Human Resources. The need for the right human resources at the right time to provide the right services.

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1 A community approach to Health Human Resources

2 The need for the right human resources at the right time to provide the right services

3 Need to develop strategy with rural focus Attract youth to healthcare careers Create access to training for current healthcare workforce & adults seeking new careers Support training/mentoring culture Support – Recruitment of qualified professionals – Retention of current professionals

4 Delivery Partnerships are Key Education: – Georgian College – UWO Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry – Fanshawe College Healthcare: ( various ) – Long Term Care facilities – Hospitals – Private Practice & Primary Care – Community & Public Health Organizations Recruitment & Retention – Community Recruitment Committees – BIA, Chambers of Commerce – Huron Perth Heath Providers Council

5 Project Roll Out Original Project : HealthKick Huron started July 2005 - 2009 Focus on Huron County Second Phase:HealthKick Started July 2008 Focus on South West LHIN – Huron, Perth, Bruce & Grey Counties End date of Current Funding is December 2011

6 Funding Partners OMAFRA – Rural Economic Development Fund County of Huron Huron Business Development Corporation (lead) Huron East/Seaforth Community Development Trust Participants


8 HealthKick Community Engagement Food Service Worker Post Grad RN, RPN Practical Nurse Training Program II Registered Pharm Tech site MedQUEST Spectrum Career Symposiums Youth Engagement Skill Development Healthcare Experience Centre Recruitment & Retention Events Collaborative Learning Events Work Placements Coop & Clinical Placements

9 Why Is This Initiative Important? Economic Development and Healthcare go hand-in- hand Innovation is attractive for recruitment HealthKick benefits: Youth Existing Workforce Healthcare Employers Communities Model is recognized as a unique and innovative approach to Healthcare HR issues

10 2008 2009 6 MedQUEST Camps & 1 Spectrum Forum With 170 Participants 2011 2007 2006 2010 Spectrum 2011

11 2008 2009 2010 2006 2007 26 Medical and Allied Health Students in 6-14 week placements 2011

12 2 Classes of Practical Nurses 20 per class = 40 Graduate Nurses Class of 2005-2009 Class of 2009-2013

13 2 classes Food Service Worker Program 18 +15 = 33 Students

14 Rural Work Experience Placements 86 placements in rural healthcare settings since 2005

15 –June 2007 R & R Learning Event – 22 participants –Career Events & School Presentations – 4739 participants –Health Human Resources Kiosk for the Four County Labour Market Planning Board - Skills Opportunities Showcase Trailer –3 Healthcare Inspiration Events – over 140 nominations – “What Keeps You Awake at Night” event – 46 Paticipated Community Engagement in Recruitment and Retention

16 HealthKick Economic Implications of HealthKick 20 Practical Nurses (PN) graduated 2009 - 20 x $21 - $25 = average $23.00 per hr 40/hr $956,800/year – 20 PN graduates in 2013 - $1 million 33 Food Service Workers - $19.00- $21.00 per hour ( hospital) - $45,760 x 33 $1.51 million 14 Registered Pharm Techs - average $14.00/hr $349,000 18 Personal Support Workers –average $14.00/hr $534,160 123 participants in Continuing Education Courses i.e. IV Therapy, etc. Instructors – 2623 instructional hrs = $143,226 76 Rural Work placements = $108,697 18 Med Students = $43,000 6 HealthKick Summer Students = $32,760

17 Health Human Resources Study for Huron & Perth Purpose: identify the current picture of HHR Identify the needs to be addressed Recommend actions Looking to the Future

18 HealthKick Phase III beyond December 2011 Build on the success of HealthKick  Opportunity for healthcare community to shape the future of HealthKick  Evolve HealthKick to meet the challenges in the rural Healthcare Human Resources by utilizing the best of the program  Respond to needs of the healthcare community in ways that support their mandates

19 HealthKick Phase III beyond December 2011  During 2012 HealthKick will develop a sustainability plan which will explore options for continued operation while activities may be based on funding sources  Sustainability planning will require involvement from the Healthcare sector in the form of partnerships  The level of partnership commitment & involvement will determine the level of HealthKick mandated activities

20 HealthKick Priorities and Areas of Interest  Training and Development of a Training Site  Career Exploration/MedQUEST  Healthcare Rural Work Placements  Human Resources Research and Data Maintenance  Healthcare Human Resources Coordination HealthKick Phase III beyond December 2011

21  innovator  mentor  developer  facilitator  coordinator  instigator  supporter  investigator  partner  financial infuser  researcher HealthKick has been: model has acted as

22 No one else has HealthKick How can we most effectively use this model to our advantage?

23 Contact Us Laura Overholt HealthKick Project Manager PO Box 32, 32B Centennial Drive Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0 519-600-2273 ext. 261

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