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© 2013 SMPTE BILL MILLER, MEMBERSHIP VP 2015 Section Leadership Webcast 2 April 2015.

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1 © 2013 SMPTE BILL MILLER, MEMBERSHIP VP 2015 Section Leadership Webcast 2 April 2015

2 Today’s Agenda Membership Directors Section Operations Section Finance Section Elections Fellow and Citation for Outstanding Service Nominations Questions © 2015 SMPTE®

3 © 2013 SMPTE Membership Directors

4 North American Sections International Sections Student Chapters © 2015 SMPTE®

5 Membership Directors North American Sections Karl Kuhn International Sections Peter Weitzel Student Chapters Open © 2015 SMPTE®

6 © 2013 SMPTE Section Operations

7 Operations Manuals – Revisions Approved The Board has approved revisions of the Operations Manuals They’re on the website (link below) All Section Leaders must read (at minimum) the Governance and Membership Operations Manuals © 2015 SMPTE®

8 Operations Manuals on the Website © 2015 SMPTE®

9 © 2013 SMPTE Section Finance

10 © 2015 SMPTE® Section funds are recognized as being assets of the Society, just as Home Office funds are. This means that, like Home Office accounts, your Section accounts are audited annually as part of our reporting to the US Internal Revenue Service. The reporting is required in order for us to retain our classification under Section 501 c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. For those of you not familiar with the US tax code, this equivalent to registered charity status.

11 Section Finance Overview © 2015 SMPTE® Your budgets are due in September, your fourth-quarter and full-year financials in January. If you miss those dates, Sally has to chase you, as she has to present your budgets to Paul and me for approval in early October and your financials to the auditors at the end of January. If you have any problems or questions about the budgets or the financials, please contact me, Paul or Sally.

12 Forms, Forms, Forms © 2015 SMPTE® Guidelines for Section administration can be found in the “Sections Resources” section of the website, under the Local Sections menu item:

13 Forms Are in the Administrative Toolkit © 2015 SMPTE® Guidelines for Section administration can be found in the “Sections Resources” section of the website, under the Local Sections menu item. Select “Administration,” or “Section Administrative Toolkit.”

14 Section Finance Forms Are Here © 2015 SMPTE®

15 Section Financials Presentation for Review © 2015 SMPTE® The Section Membership Toolkit contains an archive of Section Leadership Webcasts, including the July 2014 “Section Budgets and Finance Update” presentation. Review the presentation and PowerPoint for more information on Section Finances and Budgeting Under the Local Sections menu item, select “Membership,” or “Membership Tools.”

16 © 2013 SMPTE Section Elections

17 Section Election Overview © 2015 SMPTE® Section Nominating Committees, to nominate candidates for both Section Elections and Governor Elections, are due 5 January 2015 Section Chair appoints committee Review Information in Administrative Toolkit regarding Section and Governor Elections Review Section 8.6 of the Membership Operations Manual Regional Governor Nominations are due 6 February 2015 Section Election Slate of Candidates is due 2 March 2015

18 Nominating Committee Forms Are Here © 2015 SMPTE®

19 Section Election Overview © 2015 SMPTE® The sooner your Section election information gets to the Home Office, the sooner your election can open, and the more time your Section members have to vote.

20 © 2013 SMPTE Fellow Nominations and Citation for Outstanding Service

21 Confidentiality © 2015 SMPTE® The entire awards process depends on nominees not being aware that they are being considered for an award. The entire process has to be conducted in confidence. You cannot ask the potential nominee for biographical information. Do the best you can. Award winners will be offered the opportunity to update or correct their biographical information before the awards are announced to the public.

22 Fellow Nominations © 2015 SMPTE® According to the Governance Operations Manual (found online here:, Section Chairs are all members of the Fellow Membership Nominations Committee. The purpose of this committee is to recommend candidates for election to the Fellow grade of membership. The Fellow Membership Nominations Committee shall consist of all members of the Board of Governors, appointed Directors, the Chairs of Standards Technology Committees and the Chairs of Sections of the Society.

23 Fellow Nominations © 2015 SMPTE® The procedures for nomination are outlined on the SMPTE website here: You can also download a nomination form and view the submission guidelines from the above site. All nominations must be returned to Sally-Ann at Headquarters no later than April 27, 2015. These forms can be sent via email or fax. Each nomination must be signed by two current Fellows. If you are a Fellow, you only need one other Fellow to support the nomination. However, if you are not currently a Fellow, you will need two Fellows (or Life Fellows) to sign in support of the nomination.

24 Fellow Nominations © 2015 SMPTE® Section 4c of the Fellow Nomination form “E XPLAIN W HY T HESE C ONTRIBUTIONS ARE S IGNIFICANT AND W HY T HEY I NDICATE I NDIVIDUAL P ERFORMANCE S UBSTANTIALLY B ETTER THAN THAT OF AN A CTIVE SMPTE M EMBER.” This section becomes the citation that is printed in the program and is read when the Fellowship is conferred It is the single most important section of the form Do not be afraid to restate here what you’ve written in other sections. Be succinct; 100 words or less. You can go into more detail in the other sections of the form

25 Fellow Nominations © 2015 SMPTE® Only a member of the Fellow Membership Committee can sign the form as the Nominator, so make sure that your information is in this area. The one or two supporting Fellows must sign in the “Sponsor” area of the form. Listings of current Fellows and Life Fellows can be found here:

26 Citation for Outstanding Service © 2015 SMPTE® Section Chairs are also asked to submit nominations for the Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society award, although nominations may be submitted by any member of the Society. This Citation is intended to recognize individuals for dedicated service for the betterment of the Society over a sustained period of time. Consideration will be given for service at the Society-wide, Regional, and Section levels. This Citation is not intended to recognize technological achievement, service in Society Offices, or services that may be more appropriately recognized by other medals or awards.

27 Citation for Outstanding Service © 2015 SMPTE® Please review the revised nomination form, along with guidelines to aid you in submitting your nominations. You can download the new form and guidelines here: sections/admin-tools/service-citation sections/admin-tools/service-citation All nominations are due in to Sally-Ann D'Amato at SMPTE HQ no later than April 9, 2015 in order to be considered by the committee for the 2015 award. Sally-Ann D'Amato An historical listing of all Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society award recipients can be found here:

28 SMPTE Events NAB – Technology Summit on Cinema, 11-12 April. The SMPTE Booth is L28 in the upper South Hall. Please stop by to say hello, if you are going to be at NAB. SMPTE Forum - Berlin, Germany: 7-8 May. Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age - Stanford University, 16-17 June SMPTE Australia 2015 – Sydney, Australia 14-17 July SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Hollywood, CA 26-29 October. © 2015 Powered by SMPTE® Professional Development Academy

29 And finally… Questions? Contact me at: © 2015 Powered by SMPTE® Professional Development Academy

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