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TCDSB School Accommodation Review Process CE19 Cluster of Schools – March 4, 2008.

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1 TCDSB School Accommodation Review Process CE19 Cluster of Schools – March 4, 2008

2 2 “TCDSB is committed to providing the best educational opportunities and to enhancing the learning environments in its schools.” Sometimes however…

3 3 Issues and Challenges Student enrolment Demographics Immigration patterns Deteriorating facilities Program demands Necessitates a review of facilities/ programs

4 4 Identified for Review CE19 is 1 of 5 clusters of schools under review containing the following schools in North Scarborough: St. Henry St. Sylvester St. Maximilian Kolbe

5 5 Identified for Review More than just looking at “bricks and mortar” – also includes: -programming considerations, ie. opportunities for new, expanded, etc. -capacity: excessive portables, under/over enrolment, etc.

6 6 Identified for Review Opportunity to look at the 3 schools from a “Student Experience” standpoint: If one overcrowded and another is under- enrolled, what are the opportunities?

7 7 Identified for Review This process seeks to provide: “…suitable and equitable range of learning opportunities for students.”

8 SchoolEnrolment (2007-08) (FTE) Projected Enrolment 2011-122016-17 St. Maximilian Kolbe (1 portable) 92109110 St. Henry (5 portables) 291.5 265247 St. Sylvester (3 portables) 186.5164165 Profiles

9 9 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) 1 Committee to be formed for each cluster Mandate: to lead public review, report and make recommendations

10 10 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) - Composition 2 Trustees 1 Superintendent 1 Principal 1 Teaching/1 Non-Teaching Staff 3 Parents (1 is CSAC Chair) 1 Student

11 11 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) - Composition Resource Members –Pastor –Planning and Facilities Superintendent –Administrative Staff (as required) Municipal Councillor and Business Community representative shall be included.

12 12 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) - Composition Chair: Trustee appointed by Board Secretary: School Superintendent Facilitator (process/communication)

13 13 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) - Responsibilities Customize School Valuation Framework for each school Evaluate each school using the following categories: –Value to students –Value to community –Value to economy –Value to School Board

14 14 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – Public Information and Access All information will be made public – on Board website and in print Board will provide all required data

15 15 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – Community Consultation + Public Meetings Structured process with established timelines Minimum 4 public meetings with advanced notice given Formal minutes made public Process to respond to questions

16 16 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – Report + Recommendations Report prepared for each school with recommendations, ie. program relocation, the need and extent of busing, elimination of portables, etc. Report shared at one of the public meetings for feedback Submitted to Director for review Complete report/recommendations available to public

17 17 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – Timelines 90-day process (not including holidays) First public meeting no sooner than Jan. 13 th, 2008 (90 days after formal notice given) Minimum 4 meeting Last meeting to be held no sooner than June 16 th, 2008

18 18 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – Reporting Process to Board ARC submits report to Director Director prepares report for review by Board at regularly scheduled meeting Senior TCDSB staff makes recommendations Trustees review reports which are posted in advance on website

19 19 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – Reporting Process to Board Director’s Report consists of 1 or more of the following categories: –To maintain the schools and to continue to monitor them; –To reorganize the schools, their programs or their grade structures; –To change the boundaries of the school; –To consolidate and/or close one or more of the schools.

20 20 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – Reporting Process to Board Public Input: –Public delegations may provide input on Sr. Staff/Director recommendations –Board makes decision at regularly scheduled meeting (may be alternate solution than ARC) –Final report posted on website –Schools/communities notified in writing of decisions (implemented following school year)

21 21 Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) – RESOURCES,%202007-02- 21/Board%20Agenda,%202007-02 21,%20School%20Accommodation%20Review,%20Identificati on%20of%20Clusters%20of%20Schools.pdf,%202007-02- 21/Board%20Agenda,%202007-02 21,%20School%20Accommodation%20Review,%20Identificati on%20of%20Clusters%20of%20Schools.pdf,%20 2007-02-21.pdf,%20 2007-02-21.pdf

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