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Mrs. Smith’s Procedures and Policies! How to shine in 5 th grade!

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2 Mrs. Smith’s Procedures and Policies! How to shine in 5 th grade!

3 Summer is over…Let’s get back to business!

4 1. Agenda 2.Team Folder 3.At least 2 pencils or pens. 4. Homework Your L.A. folder and notebook will stay in class. Your Social Studies textbook and Interactive Notebook will stay in class.

5  Bring at least two sharpened pencils to class.  If you do not have a pencil:  Buy one for 10 cents OR  Trade your agenda/ID for one and return it at the end of class.

6 Items NOT to bring to class: CandyFoodToys Cell Phones GamesDrinks Gum is against school rules; however, I do not notice mature gum chewers!

7 Homework – copy everyday into agenda Calendar & Birthdays Reminders Daily Agenda – list today’s activities Weekly skills & student objectives

8  Language Arts and Math Skill homework given Monday through Thursday. Any class work or center not completed in class may be given for homework.  Social Studies & Science Once a week

9 Handed in on time – 100% Handed in by the end of the day – maximum 90% Handed in by the next day – maximum 70% Handed in two or more days late – 0%!  Papers without names = no credit

10 You need a pink slip when you did not do OR you did not bring your homework to class when it is due. Belongs in TOP RIGHT corner of desk in place of your homework You without your homework! 

11 Absent?  You are responsible for making up missed classwork and homework.  Work is located in the numbered file folders on the shelf by the windows.  Files are numbered by date.  You have by the end of the week to turn in the work.  If you do not turn it in, you will receive a 0.


13 Beginning of each class: First 10 minutes  Place homework in TOP RIGHT CORNER of your desk.  If you do not have your homework, get a pink slip and put that in the TOP RIGHT CORNER of your desk.  Copy homework into your agenda. Leave open and put it in the TOP LEFT CORNER of your desk.  Begin the “Do Now” silently.

14 Do Now Expectations Correct heading – remember date Use BOTH sides of lined paper 3-5 sentences (this will increase) Paragraph form Indent Restate question or prompt Complete sentences Neat, legible handwriting Complete in 10 minutes or less Try your best!

15  Keep hands, feet, objects to yourself  Follow classroom procedures  Use appropriate tone and language  Be prepared  Remain on task  Practice Active Listening during class discussions.

16  Teacher directly teaching or giving directions  Classmate is addressing the class  Open forum  Class meetings every other Friday

17  Bodies still  Hands free – folding an option  Mouths closed  Back against chair  Feet towards the floor  Eyes on speaker  Body facing speaker

18  If you make a problem for yourself (ex. not bringing a pencil), it is your responsibility to try to fix it.  Do not make a problem for someone else, including myself. If so, I will do something (each situation and consequence will be different).

19 General Guidelines for Maturity ◦ On-task conversation in class ◦ Avoid gossip ◦ Report bullying ASAP! ◦ Please and thank you matter. ◦ Avoid the phrase “shut-up”

20  Lion’s Pride – individual reward Works like Cubs Pride One ticket pulled by Mrs. Smith every week to earn a prize. Get tickets by following directions.


22  Brownie Points – class reward Earn a brownie point as a class when the entire class participates, completes homework, follows directions, or comes to class prepared. When the entire tray is filled, brownie will be brought in that week.

23  Team Party – select students Once a quarter Students will be invited for a class period party. Ex: Video games, free computer time, snacks, dances, etc. Students must:  Prepared – 3 or less  Homework – 3 or less  Teacher Detention (after school or lunch) - NONE

24  = Bathroom   = Pencil Issue Use signals only during transitions.

25 H a l l C h a r t: ◦To Use Leave the Room:  Use the hand signal  Find sign out sheet by the door  Fill in your name, time and destination B –Bathroom N –Nurse O – Other L – Locker G – Guidance Located by the door! Sign out every time you leave the room.

26  Carry with you everywhere!  Use for homework, reminders, and hall pass.  Do NOT use the passport in the back.  We use today’s date only!  STEPS USING AGENDA AS HALL PASS:  Use hand signal & wait for a response.  At your seat, fill in time and where you want to go.  Bring pen to teacher to sign.  Remember to fill out hall chart.

27 Bathroom Expectations  Use signal during transitions.  Sign out  4 minutes  Quietly let the teacher know if before you leave if you are having a problem.

28 Smile break!

29  Sit with your homeroom - NO assigned seats  TABLES 4-7  Bring your ID to the lunch line. No IDs stay seated.  Keep voices low. Use appropriate language.  Need a snack pass from homeroom teacher:  Water fountain  Snack Line  Vending machines  When finished with your lunch:  Throw out trash and stack your trays at the end of the tables.  Remain seated and await teacher directions.

30 Go directly to your destination Go directly to your destination Always carry your agenda Always carry your agenda Walk Walk Silence please Silence please Keep hands to yourself Keep hands to yourself Stay with your class Stay with your class Wait outside your class in a line Wait outside your class in a line

31 End of Class: Last 5 minutes  Make sure your homework is in your team folder.  The bell does not dismiss class; the teacher dismisses class.  The words “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire” ends class.  Make sure you have all of your belongings.  Walk to the door and dismiss to the hall.

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