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Great Bay Community College. & Your Massage Bodywork Career.

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1 Great Bay Community College

2 & Your Massage Bodywork Career

3 welcome to the massage profession Presentation Topics –Benefits of massage –Approaches to massage –Career opportunities –Massage credentials –Financial expectations –What to expect in massage school –Support from ABMP

4 Relaxes Stimulates circulation Supports waste elimination Relieves muscle tension Improves muscular balance Supports free movement Relieves pain Promotes wellness wellness general benefits of massage

5 Massage A healthcare profession where structured, professional touch is used to achieve a broad range of therapeutic goals –Relaxation –Pain relief –Better sleep quality approaches to massage

6 Swedish massage Deep tissue Myofascial release Neuromuscular therapy Spa therapies Chair massage western approaches to massage and bodywork

7 Foundation concepts –Yin and Yang/Balance –Qi/Prana –Five elements Acupressure Shiatsu Thai massage Others eastern approaches to massage and bodywork

8 Define your career –Variety of locations –Varied clientele –Schedule flexibility –Full-time –Part-time –Continued growth/Education careers opportunities in massage and bodywork

9 Work with other massage therapists to offer wellness and healthcare massage to a variety of client types. careers work in a massage clinic

10 Work with a variety of other health professionals to support wellness for body, mind, and spirit. careers work in a wellness center

11 Self employment has many benefits, is flexible and requires the therapist to also be a business person. careers start a private practice

12 Spa work is varied and creative Spas are currently the number one employer of massage therapists careers work at a spa

13 Chiropractic office Hospital Hospice Naturopathic practice Sports medicine clinic Physical therapy office Rehabilitation center careers work in a medical setting

14 Travel Meet new people Practice on a variety of client types Long shifts common Endurance is a must careers work on a cruise ship

15 Part-time Full-time Variety of locations –Malls –Airports –Events –Offices careers work onsite providing seated massage

16 Geriatric clients Pregnant women Athletes Chronically ill Physically challenged Animals Children careers work with clients with special needs

17 NH massage credentials Licensed Massage Therapist 750 Hours Education –Anatomy and Physiology –Kinesiology –Pathology –Hands on Theory and Techniques –Ethics –Business Pass a Licensing Exam Continuing Education

18 financial expectations Common price range for massage $40 - $90 / hour Employee $15 - $40 / hour + gratuities Annual income range $10,000 - $60,000 Rare for a therapist to give 40 hours of massage in a week

19 grow what to expect in massage school Tolerance Respect for diversity Draping Procedures Acceptance of body types Science/Wellness Focus Comfortable with touch Fun!

20 grow what to expect in massage school September 2015 AM and PM programs available 9-1 or 5:30-9:30 Weekly schedule –Mon, Tues, Thurs plus clinic hours

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