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Teen Pregnancy By: Annie Venable, Caitlin Davis, Derrick Temple, Destiny Campos.

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1 Teen Pregnancy By: Annie Venable, Caitlin Davis, Derrick Temple, Destiny Campos

2 Class Activity On a piece of paper, answer the following questions: What would you do if you hypothetically got pregnant or got a girl a pregnant? What would you do with the baby? How would you raise it? How would you tell your parents? How do you think your parents would react?

3 The Warning Signs Mood Swings and Irritability Secretiveness Missed Periods Changes in Eating Patterns Increased Sleep or Exhaustion Change in clothing or wardrobe Changes in relationships with friends or dating partners Decreased interest in school or social activities Depression

4 The Complications Newborns are likely to have a lower birth weight Teen moms are likely to become anemic Teens pelvis is underdeveloped Teen moms are likely to have a prolonged labor Teen moms more likely to be undernourished Teen moms more like to have a more traumatic birth

5 The Statistics 1/3 of teens in the US become pregnant 80% of pregnancies or unintended Highest teen birth rate are hispanics Highest decline in teen pregnancies is 23% from African American teens 1 million pregnant teens per year Only 1/3 of teenage moms get high school diploma US annual cost for teen pregnancies is $7 billion 13% of teenagers have had sex Teens on average have sex for the first time around 17 years old 14% end in Miscarriages 55% end in birth 76% occur out of wedlock

6 Causes A single parent household Substance abuse/alcohol abuse Low self confidence No father figure Bad relationship with parents

7 The Effects Sons have greater chance of winding up in prison Affects mom’s school performance Daughters are more likely to get pregnant during their teenage years. Babies more likely to suffer health, social and emotional problems when older Teen moms are less likely to ever be married A child born to a teenage mother is also viewed to have a disadvantage in society Fear Confusion Resentment Frustration Initial excitement

8 Abortion First 12 weeks of pregnancy uterus is stretched open and electric pump removes Fetus Vacuum Aspiration compresses the skull cavity. Second 12 weeks, woman is under anesthetic and more instruments are used to remove the Fetus Can cost $250.00- $1,000.00 31% of teen pregnancies end in abortion

9 Effects of Abortion Feeling of being Judged Fear of never getting pregnant again No supported by friends and family Negative feelings if pressured into abortion Sad Emotional

10 Adoption Reasons/Options Cannot afford to care for baby This option is mostly influenced by financial reasons Foster homes- baby can be put in foster home until parents are stable Adoptions can be handled with attorneys and agencies Agencies place babies with other families Costs from $5,000-$40,000 to adopt child

11 Adoption Statistics 2,058,915 children (under the age of 18) adopted each year More girls are adopted than boys Less than 1% of teens give babies up for adoption The rate of teens giving their babies up for adoption has decline over the past couple of decades

12 Prevention Teens who have a good relationship with parents are less likely to get pregnant Older children most know the consequences about sex Birth Control and Protection

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