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Chp 1 – Introduction to Computers

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1 Chp 1 – Introduction to Computers
Section 4-6

2 Mobile Computer and Mobile Device
Mobile Computers – can be carry from place to place Mobile Devices – a computer device small enough to hold in your hand

3 Notebook Computer/Laptop Computer
Most popular type of mobile computer Fits in your lap Thin and light weight Usually more expensive then a desktop with the same capabilities

4 Tablets PCs Special type of notebook computer that allows you to write or draw on the screen using a digital pen Some have attached keyboards Especially useful for taking notes

5 Mobile Devices Usually don’t have disk drives
Store program and data permanently on special memory inside the system unit or on small storage media such as memory cards Some have Internet-enable

6 Five Popular Types of Mobile Devices
Smart Phones PDA (personal digital assistant) Handheld Computers Portable Media Players Digital Cameras

7 Game Consoles Mobile computing device designed for single- player or multiplayer video game Three popular models Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Nintendo’s Wii Sony Playstation 3

8 Servers Controls access to the hardware, software, and other resources on a network Can support two or several thousand connected computer

9 Mainframes A large, expensive, powerful computer that can handle 100 or 1000 of connected users Stores tremendous amounts of data, instruction and information

10 Supercomputer Fastest, most powerful, most expensive computer
Can process more than one quadrillion instructions in a single second

11 Embedded Computers A special-purpose computer that function as a component in a larger product Everywhere – at home, in your car, and at work

12 Elements of a Information System
Hardware – must be reliable Software – need to be develop carefully Data – entered in correctly People – should be skilled Procedure – readily available

13 Example of Computer Users
Home users – family member who uses a computer for a variety of reason such as budgeting and personal finance Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) – Company with 50 employees and self-employed people who work from home

14 Example of Computer Users
Mobile Users - Work on a computer a mobile computer while away from a main office, home office or school Power Users – requires the capabilities of a workstation or other types of powerful computers Example of power users: engineer, scientist, architect, desktop publisher, and graphic designer

15 Example of Computer Users
Enterprise Users – work in or interact with a company with many employees and uses a computer network that process high volume of transaction in a single day

16 Computer Application in Society
Education – students use computers software to assist with learning Finance – use computers for online banking and online investment Government – have Web sites to provide citizen with up-to-date information

17 Computer Application in Society
Health Care – used to maintain patient records, monitor patients, and file insurance claims Science – use to assist with collecting, analyzing, and modeling data Publisher- use to assist in designing pages and make the content of their available online

18 Computer Application in Society
Travel –online navigation system help people travel more quickly and safely Manufacturer – use computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to assist with manufacturing processes

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