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A Career in Forestry? Opportunities in BC Resource Management.

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1 A Career in Forestry? Opportunities in BC Resource Management

2 Sunset or sunrise?

3 BC: Most diverse in Canada 58% forests!

4 Some of the most productive forests in the world

5 BC Coast 32% of BC’s forests

6 BC Interior 68% of BC’s forests

7 Forest Resource Management …A Diversity of Jobs Planning: road engineering, harvesting layout, timber cruising, modeling, mapping (GIS)

8 …A Diversity of Jobs Silviculture: prescriptions, surveys and assessments, site preparation, planting, vegetation management, spacing, thinning

9 …A Diversity of Jobs Management: supervising crews and contractors, administration, accounting Specialists: research, site classification, forest growth & inventory, genetics, soils, ecology, hydrology (water), fisheries, wildlife, computers...

10 Professional and Technical Jobs Professional: Managers, accountants, foresters, engineers, specialists, research scientists, auditors Technical: Forestry technician, field engineering, GIS technician, other technicians

11 Diverse Employers Forest Companies - large multi-national to small businesses Government - Band Council, Communities, Federal, Provincial Private Consulting: All sizes of businesses Academic: Colleges and Universities

12 Future Opportunities Increasing complexity of management Diverse values More specialists needed Retiring baby- boomers!

13 Managing for multiple values

14 It’s not just about trees

15 Innovation is needed Standing stem harvesting

16 Forestry isn’t rocket science… it’s way more complex! Dr. Fred Bunnell

17 A challenging career! No life like it!

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