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Task – name 10 objects made of wood that is in close proximity to you. Wood.

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2 Task – name 10 objects made of wood that is in close proximity to you. Wood

3 Can you think of words that describe wood? warm, smooth, strong, flexible, strong, hard, soft, rough, …. Can you name any types of wood? pine, oak, ash, teak, mahogany, maple, sycamore, birch, beech, walnut, cherry, zebrawood, balsa……. pine oak beech walnut maple zebrawood mahogany ash

4 There are 3 main types of timber: HARDWOOD SOFTWOOD MANUFACTURED BOARD TIMBER is the general name for wood materials. Wood


6 The term hardwood does not mean that the timber is hard. For example balsa is used for modelling, it is a hard wood but it is one of the softest timbers to work with. Hardwood This type of timber is produced from broad leaf trees that lose their leaves in winter – a deciduous tree. The photograph opposite is of an oak tree which grows in this country. Uses - Oak is a hardwood and is used to make expensive furniture/flooring and strong framed structures. Model aircraft made from balsa

7 Mahogany – reddish in colour, always looks good when varnished or waxed. Task – Can you think of other uses of wood products in the kitchen. Beech – creamy pinkish colour, its close grain makes it very suitable for kitchen utensils, as water does not have too great an effect on it. Hardwood


9 This type of timber is produced from trees that do not lose their leaves (coniferous). Leaves are easily identified as being thin and narrow. Softwood trees grow much quicker than the hardwood ones, they are therefore cheaper to buy and far more available. Softwood is used for construction of houses and furniture, and outdoor uses such as fencing. Softwood The term softwood does not mean that the timber is soft, as pitch pine is one of the most difficult timbers to work with, yet is a member of this group Some photograph courtesy of photolibrary walesphotolibrary

10 Uses of soft woods furniture garden fencing/shed building construction packaging Some images courtesy of IKEA

11 Manufactured board is mainly used for kitchen and bedroom furniture and shelving. Examples of manufactured boards are: These are manmade boards, which are made by gluing wood layers or wood fibers together. Manufactured board Plywood is a widely used manufactured timber. Can you think of advantages and disadvantages of using plywood? The photograph opposite shows MDF sheets as they are purchased. What does MDF stand for ? Any thoughts regarding its use ?

12 layer it … carve it… slot it together it ….. Bend it ….. you can …… turn it ….. Jules Tattersall Do you recognise any of these buildings/structures?



15 Milling Lumber

16 $ $$$$$ Maximum Use of Log Range of different cuts Economics of Log Use

17 Distortion due to shrinkage depends on location within the log…

18 Difference in Wood Movement in Plain-sawn versus Quarter-sawn Boards

19 Drying Wood Before wood is used, the water contained in its cells must be removed under controlled conditions to minimize distortion and maintain quality of the finished product. Both ‘free’ water and most ‘bound’ water must be removed during the drying process. Stickered boards are air-dried to about 30% MC to remove free water. Boards are then kiln-dried to remove bound water to the target EMC level.

20 Bound WaterFree Water “Green Wood” Moisture Content, % 153050 ADKDOD 100 105 FSP Range of Shrinking and Swelling Uniform, fully swollen dimension EMC in this range 0

21 Equilibrium Moisture Content Ranges by Geographic Region

22 The Diversity of Wood

23 Commonly Used Hardwoods Red Oak Maple Walnut Cherry


25 bocote jarrah burl leopardwood wenge zebrawood padauk H. mahogany snakewood ziricote narra pink ivory myrtle pearwood lacewood

26 Woods From the same Family (Fabaceae) Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa Wenge Millettia laurentii Purpleheart Peltogyne sp. Zebrawood Microberlinia brazavillensis Honey Locust Gleditsia triacanthos Pernambuco Caesalpinia echinata

27 Similar appearances….. Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa Fabaceae Bocote Cordia eleagnoides Boraginaceae

28 Imperfections in Wood Knots

29 Warped Lumber

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