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NYBG + KE EMu The New York Botanical Garden + KE EMu Melissa Tulig Botanical Information Management.

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1 NYBG + KE EMu The New York Botanical Garden + KE EMu Melissa Tulig Botanical Information Management


3 2002: search for a database begins Herbarium specimen database (600,000 records) Taxonomy, geography, person authority files 25 separate curator specimen databases (dbase, Access, Excel) Index Herbariorum 2 Herbarium loans applications Index to American Botanical Literature (Access) Structured Use data (Economic Botany) 10,000 Bulk Sample collections (with vouchered herbarium specimens) 100,000 specimen images

4 NYBG + KE EMu user needs 50 daily concurrent users - full-time staff plus interns, volunteers, grad students Different permissions for individual users or groups of users Record-level security on certain record types Instant web access to the live database for online users

5 NYBG + KE EMu technical staff IT department of 4 people for 400 Garden employees No programmers

6 NYBG + KE EMu options Develop software in-house Use free software for specimen database, build applications for other data sets Purchase Digital Asset Management software for images Purchase a customizable system to do it all

7 NYBG + KE EMu the winner is…EMu Object-oriented database comprised of various “modules” for data entry Registry Module: view, edit, insert and delete rights settings based by user, group, module, or field Lookup Lists Module: allows you to standardize any look up list, keep them locked or open to users to edit Audit Module: track all changes made by users and reverse any edits

8 NYBG + KE EMu Catalogue Module herbarium specimens,Bulk Samples, Use data Taxonomy Module scientific names, synonymy, descriptions Sites Module geographic data and georeferencing fields Collection Events field book data Loans/Movements tracks all herbarium loans & shipments Bibliography citations from IABL Multimedia Module images Parties Module person authority files and Index Herbariorum

9 NYBG + KE EMu have a look

10 NYBG + KE EMu

11 web interface Integrated web interface directly to our live EMu database via PHP Added Google Maps and the FSI Viewer All edits to records and new records and images go live instantly (but this can be controlled by user) Multiple interfaces and designs to different modules for different projects

12 NYBG + KE EMu that was 2005, this is now Import data as csv or xml, new import appends data to existing records Export data as text, spreadsheets Export formatted reports directly from Emu via Crystal Reports (specimen label, loans invoices) DarwinCore backend fields Record Templates – using it for bulk data entry of fieldbooks and barcode sequences

13 NYBG + KE EMu EMu natural history users Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Natural History Museum, London Museum Victoria Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney American Museum of Natural History Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale Field Museum

14 NYBG + KE EMu positives KE will create whatever you want them to create You receive all modules and we constantly find new uses for ones we didn’t originally use –Two weeks ago we started tracking Herbarium visitors in Emu and publishing weekly visitor reports Receive all new features – Record Templates User Support – if anything breaks, you call KE and they fix it.

15 NYBG + KE EMu negatives KE will create whatever you want them to create Large up-front cost (depending on customization) and yearly maintenance fees by number of user licenses Steep learning curve

16 NYBG + KE EMu collections management to research management DNA Aliquots, Tissue Samples, Structural Botany collections (linked to vouchered herbarium specimens) Use data from the Institute of Economic Botany Electronic floras and monographs with separate web interfaces

17 NYBG + KE EMu not just for herbarium sheets anymore

18 NYBG + KE EMu a day in the life of NYBG & EMu Incoming shipment from the field logged in movements module Staff enter specimen records using fieldbook template Tissue samples catalogued, linked to voucher specimen and sent to lab Labels for herbarium specimens and tissue collections printed from EMu Gifts for determination are sent to other institutions and tracked in loans module Determinations are returned and entered in the catalogue Determined specimens are mounted, barcoded, imaged (instantly in the VH) and filed in the herbarium Digital images from the field mass imported to Emu, linked to specimen record if imaged before pressed or linked to species record Descriptions of species added to floras module DNA Aliquots are made from collected tissue samples, published in research papers GenBank IDs are added to EMu

19 NYBG + KE EMu new features for next release Export data formatted for ArcExplorer OpenLayers mapping IMu - KE's new web interface –XML>XSLT> HTML –Display of results from multiple modules –Customisable interface via XSLT

20 NYBG + KE EMu today 1.3 million specimen records 360,000 taxonomy authority files 340,000 images 80,000 person files (authors, collectors, determiners) 15,000 IH records 200,000 bibliographic records 10,000 DNA Aliquot &Tissue Sample records 21,000 loans (265 e-loans) 20 electronic floras & monographs projects

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