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Implementing IATI AusAIDs experience. Overview >Implementation update >Key success factors >Challenges met >What next? 04/09/11/Slide1/IATI meeting.

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Presentation on theme: "Implementing IATI AusAIDs experience. Overview >Implementation update >Key success factors >Challenges met >What next? 04/09/11/Slide1/IATI meeting."— Presentation transcript:

1 Implementing IATI AusAIDs experience

2 Overview >Implementation update >Key success factors >Challenges met >What next? 04/09/11/Slide1/IATI meeting

3 Implementation update >April 2011: Provided IATI with an initial release of AusAIDs organisational documents >July 2011: Provided IATI with remaining links to existing public documents >October 2011: Will provide IATI with basic project data 04/09/11/Slide2/IATI meeting

4 Key success factors >Corporate enabling environment >Concerted agency effort >System design 04/09/11/Slide 3/IATI meeting

5 Corporate enabling environment >Government commitment to transparency Whole of Government on Transparency shift – impetus for change Organisational focus on transparency Creation of transparency unit >Development of Transparency Charter 04/09/11/Slide4/IATI meeting

6 Key success factors >Corporate enabling environment >Concerted agency effort >System design 04/09/11/Slide5/IATI meeting

7 Challenges met >Data quality issues >System limitations >Introduction of thresholds 04/09/11/Slide6/IATI meeting

8 Data quality issues >Given the prominence of IATI in providing a centralised global focus on aid delivery, we want to ensure the data we deliver is accurate and timely. A concerted agency effort is needed to ensure better quality data is entered into AusAIDs data store 04/09/11/Slide7/IATI meeting

9 System limitations >Data captured at regional level 04/09/11/Slide8/IATI meeting

10 Introduction of thresholds >Aim: To ensure processes are functioning well and to quality assure information being disseminated >Reasons: to minimise the labour intensive cleansing yet balance the need for informative and reliable data; to maintain comparability with other donors; and to ensure ongoing manageability in delivering this information. >Analysis of possible thresholds 04/09/11/Slide9/IATI meeting

11 Overview of thresholds introduced (1)Graduated Implementation delaying the release of lower disaggregated activity level data until March 2012 limiting the level of partner details marker information PLEASE COPY AND PASTE FOR EACH SLIDE AND AMEND: Date/slide number/event

12 Overview of thresholds introduced (2) Limiting countries to be extracted The October 2011 data extraction will be limited to selected Asian and Pacific countries 04/09/11/Slide10/IATI meeting

13 Overview of thresholds introduced (3) Start date of initiatives created on or after 1 July 2009 (4) Initiatives valued at AUD 3 million or above 04/09/11/Slide11/IATI meeting

14 Overview of thresholds introduced (5) Exclusion of residuals and ability to aggregate totals (6) Concentrating on AusAID data only 04/09/11/Slide12/IATI meeting

15 Further points of consideration >IATI must be implemented in concert with the broader transparency agenda Coordinated by transparency unit >Making an effort to keep staff updated on what is happening with IATI and the transparency agenda Staff seminars All-staff communications 04/09/11/Slide13/IATI meeting

16 What next? >October 2011 Publication of basic project data Review thresholds and content of activity data >March 2012: first update Application of new thresholds Data will be for the 2011 calendar year >Post-March 2012 Reassessment and design for the next phase Consideration of Phase 2 of IATI AusAID review of business processes 04/09/11/Slide14/IATI meeting

17 Thank you! 04/09/11/Slide15/IATI meeting

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