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Final Exam Preparation Success in Math Mathematics Assistance Centre Centre for Student Success.

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1 Final Exam Preparation Success in Math Mathematics Assistance Centre Centre for Student Success

2 Outline: How to study Math. Tips for Dealing with Distractions. Strategies for Writing a Math Exam. Final Exam Preparation

3 How Do I Study Math? Review your notes from the entire semester and redo examples done in class. Do the homework and practice, practice and practice! Be sure to recognize why/when a specific method is used. Focus more time on areas of difficulty or confusion. Get help when you need it- professors office hours, form study groups, Mathematics Assistance Centre and mock finals. Avoid Distractions. Final Exam Preparation

4 Final Exam Preparation Distractions: The failure to concentrate on studying can be one of the greatest obstacles in effectively using your studying time. Distractions can lead to bad habits, often resulting in putting off studying until the night or even hours before the exam. If you eliminate all distractions and concentrate 100% of your time on studying, you will retain more information. What are some external and internal distractions students commonly encounter when studying?

5 Final Exam Preparation External DistractionsTips The Right Place to StudyMake sure to use your study space for studying not socializing, reading magazines etc. You will begin to build an association between studying and your study space so it becomes a way of prompting studying opposed to avoiding it. Distracting ObjectsTry to remove distracting objects from your eye sight. The materials around you should be related to studying. Check your SurroundingsEnsure your study space has proper lightning, a comfortable chair and plenty of space. MusicIf you prefer studying with music, make sure it doesn’t distract you. Social Life/ RoommatesLearn to Say No. When you know you should be studying, avoid socializing. If you are short of willpower, use a ‘do not disturb’ sign. It is often assumed that external distractions are uncontrollable. Your aim is to find a place to study that offers minimum distractions.

6 Final Exam Preparation Internal distractions may never be entirely eliminated but there are ways to cut down on such disruptions. Internal DistractionsTips Do the Important Work First Resist the temptation to do household chores or mindless homework before getting into the more difficult topics. Know When You Work Best If you get bored/tired easily, schedule studying when you are most alert. Divide your study time amongst different subjects and plan study breaks. Make Your Subject Interesting You might have to create your own appeal to the subject, ask yourself why the course is necessary and why people study it. Keep to Your Usual Routine Don’t change your sleeping, eating or exercise routine. It has been proven that the ability to concentrate relates to regularity. Put Worries AsideTry writing your worries down. It may be best to talk about your worries with friends, parents and/or counsellors.

7 Final Exam Preparation Effective Exam Writing Before You Begin Writing: Write down any important formulas on the first page. Read the instructions on the front page. Look at all the questions and determine your time allocation per question. Keep in mind how much time you have to complete the full exam and use your time accordingly. Begin with the questions you know you can answer best. While you are working through the answers you do know, your memory will be searching for material you may have forgotten.

8 Final Exam Preparation Effective Exam Writing Writing Your Exam: Be sure to read the ENTIRE question and determine what the question is asking. Important FACTS about Exam Writing: F: What FORM should your answer take? A: What AIDS can you use? (calculator, formulas, books etc.) C: Do you have a CHOICE or must you answer all questions? T: How much TIME can you budget for each question? S: How will you be SCORED for each question? Are there penalties for guessing? *The amount of marks per question often determines how much work is required.

9 Final Exam Preparation Avoiding Panic: Breathe. If you are unable to solve a question, search your memory for a formula/ procedure that can assist you. Running Out of Time: If you are running out of time, stop 5 or 10 minutes before the end of the exam and write as much as you can in point form for the remaining questions. Part marks are sometimes given for showing that you know what you should have included, even if you cannot elaborate on the points. Don’t Leave Early: If you finish the exam early, use the extra time to check your responses. Use the time to add more detail and think about alternative strategies for questions you couldn’t solve.


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