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Design Elements in Power Point

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1 Design Elements in Power Point

2 6 x 6 Rule Text should not be more than 6 words per line
No more than 6 lines of text Key phrases, not sentences

3 Themes, Colors & Fonts All fonts and font colors MUST BE readable
Shouldn’t mix and match within one presentation. Think about lighting in room & with projector

4 Slide Layout Think about what enhances information Is it a comparison?
Is it a list? Does it need a chart and/or picture?

5 Graphics No more than 2 per slide (if that)
Must enhance, not distract from message

6 Animations Again, must enhance, not distract
Allows you to speak without readers “going ahead”. Emphasizes points

7 Spell Check ~ Always! Located under the review tab in the proofreading group

8 Include A Conclusion Slide
Identifies end of presentation Summarizes 3 to 5 main points Emphasizes important issues Energizes audience toward action

9 Tips When Presenting Don’t read word for word
Utilize notes section for elaboration Notes as memory joggers, not script

10 Conclusion Don’t overuse effects Don’t overcrowd slides
Focus on readability Summarize with conclusion slide Presentation tips

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