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You’re going to College… Now What?. Make a Plan!

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1 You’re going to College… Now What?

2 Make a Plan!

3 Be up front about asking which college expenses they will cover and which they expect you to pay Consider monthly payments and your costs Do a budgeting worksheet Talk to your Parents!

4 Choosing a Bank ATM Fees Sometimes even local banks will charge you for using an ATM Minimum Balance Watch for a fee if your account drops below a minimum balance Number of Checks Some banks only allow you to write 5-10 checks per month Monthly Fees Try to find a bank that does not charge for having an account

5 TRUE or FALSE? Buying a latte 5 days a week over the next 2 years will cost you less than a new MacBook Air.

6 False- It will cost more!!!

7 Costs to Consider…

8 TUITION: Financial Aid Most of the time, Financial Aid is based on NEED Grants/Scholarships This is FREE money. You don’t ever have to repay it. Loans Need to be repaid. Work Study You work for the school to help pay tuition. FAFSA Cost of School -Your Contribution Your Need

9 TEXTBOOKS… The average college student spends about $1,000/year on textbooks. Here are a few money savers: Share with a friend or classmate Shop early and buy used Ask upperclassman Check the library Shop on-line are EXPENSIVE!

10 Monthly Income Work-Study Job Monthly Withdrawal from Savings Loan Income Parents Total Monthly Expenses Laundry Books Personal Items Telephone Entertainment Food School Supplies Transportation Clothing Total Now add up both columns, If your expenses win the “who’s bigger?” game, get a second job!

11 Having a Plan Starts with a Budget Count What You Have Wage Interest Earned Track What You Spend Clothes Food Entertainment Rent or Mortgage Utilities, electric, gas, water, sewage, cable, phone, garbage Transportation, gas, car payment, insurance, Taxes

12 Cosby Show Season 1. “Regular People”

13 If you have any questions, please contact the PICPA at! Thank You, Good Luck, and Congratulations!

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