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Microsoft Security Solutions A Great New Way of Making $$$ !!! Jimmy Tan Platform Strategy Manager Microsoft Singapore.

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1 Microsoft Security Solutions A Great New Way of Making $$$ !!! Jimmy Tan Platform Strategy Manager Microsoft Singapore

2 Secure Messaging Secure Collaboration Secure & Well-Managed Infrastructure

3 Security: Defense-In-Depth

4 Viruses Worms Spam Live Communications Server Users Internet SMTP Server ISA Server SharePoint Exchange Server Edge E-mail Collaboration 5 Things To Know About Microsoft Antigen and ISA Server Viruses Worms Inapp. Content Management Microsoft Operations Manager Antigen MP 1. Provides defense-in-depth to prevent single point of failure 2. Antigen provides antivirus and removes spam on servers 3. Allows secure messaging 4. Provides secure collaboration 5. Enables a secure and well-managed infrastructure

5 Antigen Multiple Engine Management Internet Exchange Server/ Windows-based SMTP Server A B C D E "78% of business experienced virus infections, despite 98% of them having antivirus protection” FBI Survey

6 Unique Viruses Caught per Antigen Engine Viruses Caught Only By (excluding body of message viruses) 2/2 8 3/13/23/33/43/ 5 3/63/73/83/93/1 0 3/1 1 3/1 2 3/1 3 Engine A11100011000000 Engine B31121253012110 Engine C01100001211002 Engine D32230110400000 Engine E12200010010000 Unique Viruses caught over 14 days Engine A: 5 Engine B: 23 Engine C: 9 Engine D: 16 Engine E: 7 Engine A Engine B Engine C Engine D Engine E Not all viruses can be caught by a single virus scanner

7 New Microsoft Antigen Products Antivirus and content filtering for Exchange 2003 and 2000 Helps stop threats that get past perimeter defenses and helps contain internal incidents Antivirus and content filtering for Windows Server 2003 and 2000 SMTP Gateways Helps stop threats before they reach internal messaging resources and users Anti-spam and content filtering for Windows-based SMTP and Exchange-based servers Helps stop spam before it can impact user and network productivity Centralized management for Antigen- protected servers Improves IT visibility and control into e-mail server security Messaging Security Suite * Also Sybari Antigen for LCS and Sharepoint (to be rebranded)

8 Antigen Antivirus Scan Engines Antigen Stand-alone E-mail Products Messaging Security Suite Standard engines plus: Total engines: 5Total engines: 9 Microsoft Antivirus Sophos CA VET CA InoculateIT Norman New! Kaspersky Lab AhnLab Authentium VirusBuster

9 Key Differentiators Multi-virus scan engines Engine updates on the fly for high availability Full in-memory scanning Scan inside compressed files and remove malicious software while keeping valid documents Scans at SMTP and Exchange store for tight integration at API level

10 Remove most prevalent viruses Remove all known viruses Real-time antivirus Remove all known spyware Real-time antispyware Central reporting and alerting Customization Microsoft Forefront Client Security MSRT Windows Defender Windows Live Safety Center Windows Live OneCare IT Infrastructure Integration FOR CONSUMERSFOR BUSINESSES Client Anti-Malware Offerings

11 What Is ISA Server 2006? Secure your Microsoft application infrastructure Publishing Exchange, SharePoint and Web application servers for secure remote access Secure application publishing Branch office gateway Streamline your network Deploying edge security gateways in branch offices and leveraging cache capabilities Web access protection Safeguard your IT environment Protecting your environment from internal users accessing unwanted or harmful content on the Internet ISA Server 2006 is the integrated edge security gateway that helps protect your IT environment from Internet-based threats while enabling your users to be more productive with secure, anytime, anywhere access to Microsoft applications and data What should you use ISA Server 2006 for?

12 Secure Messaging, Secure Collaboration, Secure Well-Managed Infrastructure Customer Security Requirements DescriptionMicrosoft Solutions needed Secure Messaging Guard the messaging infrastructure perimeter with a multi-layer defense mechanism. Boost messaging security with a buffer and firewall protection, protect internal messages and prevent confidentiality leaks with enhanced email and document protection.  Windows Server 2003 R2  Exchange Server 2007  Microsoft Antigen  ISA Server Secure Collaboration Protect internal collaboration servers from viruses, worms, spam, and other inappropriate content and achieve operational effectiveness with higher service quality, e-mail availability, and a more secure Windows environment.  Windows Server 2003 R2  SharePoint Portal Server (SPS)  Live Communications Server (LCS)  Microsoft Antigen  ISA Server Secure, Well-Managed Infrastructure Reduce the business’ total operational costs as well as the complexity of managing a multi-server environment. Install, configure, automate, and manage an infrastructure that is reliable, easy to maintain and responsive to customers’ every need.  Windows Server 2003 R2  Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)  Systems Management Server (SMS)  ISA Server  Microsoft Antigen Enterprise Manager

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