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Partners Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice National Sheriffs’ Association.

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1 Partners Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice National Sheriffs’ Association

2 Neighborhood Watch Community Training

3 Course Objectives To provide information and training about the team building process To learn skills needed to be an effective team player

4 Major Topics Introduction to Team Building Teamwork concept Keys to effective teamwork Neighborhood Watch Team Process Responsibilities Benefits Characteristics of Effective Teams

5 Teambuilding Activity

6 Teamwork: Work done by a number of associates, usually each doing a clearly defined portion, but all supporting the efficiency of the whole

7 Importance of Teamwork Teamwork provides: Manpower for completing task Opportunity to support and encourage others Environment which promotes creativity

8 Evolution of a Team Four Stages: The Calm The Storm Getting Organized Bonding

9 Stage 1: The Calm Polite Impersonal Watchful Guarded

10 Stage 2: The Storm Controlling Conflicts Confronting People Difficulties Feeling Stuck

11 Stage 3: Getting Organized Developing Skills Establishing Procedures Giving Feedback Confronting Issues

12 Stage 4: Bonding Resourcefulness Flexibility Openness and Supportiveness Effectiveness

13 Activity - Discussion Where are you now as a team? Are you getting stuck in one stage? What actions can you take to facilitate movement to the performing stage?

14 Keys to Effective Teamwork Each member is important and fills a niche As needs become greater, the greater the need for teamwork Keep the big picture in the forefront

15 Keys to Effective Teamwork In order to make an impact, members must work together to make things happen Bad attitudes can ruin your program Communication is vital Members must be able to count on each other when things get tough

16 The Neighborhood Watch Team

17 Importance of Assigning Roles Outlines clearly defined tasks and responsibilities Establishes authority and boundaries

18 The Neighborhood Watch Team Law Enforcement Liaison Neighborhood Area Watch Coordinator Block Captain Watch Member

19 Responsibilities of Law Enforcement Liaison Serves as link between law enforcement and citizens Offers training and information on topics of interest or concern to members Provides guidance, support and motivation to Neighborhood Watch groups Provides technical assistance

20 Responsibilities of Neighborhood Watch Area Coordinator Serves as liaison between members, law enforcement, civic groups and Block Captain Arranges neighborhood crime prevention training Obtains and distributes crime prevention materials Involves others in specific crime prevention projects

21 Responsibilities of Neighborhood Watch Block Captain Serves as spokesperson for the group Organizes meetings and maintains list of participants Designates work assignments and distributes materials Acts as liaison between group members and law enforcement

22 Responsibilities of Watch Members To attend meetings To report suspicious or criminal activity To help recruit new members To practice safety measures at home and in community To support Captain and other leaders in their roles

23 Neighborhood Watch Activities Activities that build teamwork: Keep an eye on neighbor’s home while away on vacation Communicate with neighbors Practice safety and security measures at home Maintain a lived-in appearance at your home Keep eyes open for suspicious individuals Provide support to neighbors who may be victims of crime

24 Effective Teamwork = Growth How Neighborhood Watch Groups Grow: Members work together to identify and meet goals Members communicate on a regular basis Members evaluate goals and activities and prioritize concerns and problems Members spend time together, building sense of trust Members look outside their neighborhood and mobilize with others

25 Characteristics of Effective Watch Groups Informal, comfortable atmosphere Discussion involves everyone and stays on task There can be disagreement Consensus is predominant when making decisions Feedback is frequent and comfortable Assignments are clear and accepted

26 Benefits of Neighborhood Watch Teamwork Why should I be a member of the team? Deeper friendships with neighbors Shared responsibility for neighborhood Increased support and safety Improved communication and, ideally, Prevention of crime

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