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Apple IOS 7 Maps Muhammad Khan EMSE 6361

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1 Apple IOS 7 Maps Muhammad Khan EMSE 6361

2 Contents ● Domain Understanding ○ System-to-be ■ IOS7 Apple maps – newer version ■ Solution ■ Opportunity ■ Summary

3 Older Apple Maps had flaw results in drivers crossing airport runway

4 IOS7 – Apple Maps Released in mid 2013 Revamped Apple maps app Allowed user to keep other major maps apps like Google maps 75% apple devices updated with IOS7

5 Designed by Apple from the ground up, Maps gives you turn-by-turn spoken directions, interactive 3D views, and the stunning Flyover feature. 1 All in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease. Apple Maps 1 Source: Apple Maps website

6 Meet New Apple Maps

7 .

8 Meet new Apple maps Maps sharing is just a message away:

9 On IOS7 devices

10 After Vivid Difference Before


12 The Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver looks a bit sideways. In addition, it is no longer Hwy 1a, having been integrated with Hwy 99 in 1957. Older Version of Apple Map

13 Vivid Difference

14 Reengineering Block Diagram

15 Maps: Standard - in countries 1.Afghanistan 2.Albania 3.Algeria 4.Angola 5.Anguilla 6.Antigua and Barbuda 7.Argentina 8.Armenia 9.Aruba 10.Australia 11.Austria 12.Azerbaijan 13.Bahamas 14.Bahrain 15.Bangladesh 16.Barbados 17.Belarus 18.Belgium 19.Belize 20.Benin 21.Bermuda 22.Bhutan 23.Bolivia 24.Bosnia and Herzegovina 25.Botswana 26.Brazil 27.British Virgin Islands 28.Brunei 29.Bulgaria 30.Burkina Faso 31.Cambodia 32.Cameroon 33.Canada 34.Cape Verde 35.Cayman Islands 36.Central African Republic 37.Chad 38.Chile 39.China 40.Colombia 41.Congo, Republic of 42.Costa Rica 43.Croatia 44.Cyprus 45.Czech Republic 46.Denmark 47.Dominica 48.Dominican Republic 49.Ecuador 50.Egypt 51.El Salvador 52.Estonia 53.Faroe Islands 54.Fiji 55.Finland 56.France 57.French Guiana 58.Gabon 59.Gambia 60.Georgia 61.Germany 62.Ghana 63.Greece 64.Greenland 65.Grenada 66.Guadeloupe 67.Guatemala 68.Guinea 69.Guinea-Bissau 70.Guyana 71.Haiti 72.Honduras 73.Hong Kong 74.Hungary 75.Iceland 76.India 77.Indonesia 78.Ireland 79.Israel 80.Italy 81.Jamaica 82.Japan 83.Jordan 84.Kazakhstan 85.Kenya 86.Kuwait 87.Kyrgyzstan 88.Laos 89.Latvia 90.Lebanon 91.Liberia 92.Libya 93.Liechtenstein 94.Lithuania 95.Luxembourg 96.Macau 97.Macedonia 98.Madagascar 99.Malawi 100.Malaysia 101.Maldives 102.Mali 103.Malta 104.Martinique 105.Mauritania 106.Mauritius 107.Mayotte 108.Mexico 109.Micronesia 110.Moldova 111.Mongolia 112.Montenegro 113.Montserrat 114.Morocco 115.Mozambique 116.Namibia 117.Nepal 118.Netherlands 119.Netherlands Antilles 120.New Caledonia 121.New Zealand 122.Nicaragua 123.Niger 124.Nigeria 125.Norway 126.Oman 127.Pakistan 128.Palau 129.Panama 130.Papua New Guinea 131.Paraguay 132.Peru 133.Philippines 134.Poland 135.Portugal 136.Qatar 137.Republic of Korea 138.Reunion Island 139.Romania 140.Russia 141.San Marino 142.Saudi Arabia 143.Senegal 144.Serbia 145.Seychelles 146.Sierra Leone 147.Singapore 148.Slovakia 149.Slovenia 150.Solomon Islands 151.South Africa 152.Spain 153.Sri Lanka 154.St. Kitts 155.St. Lucia 156.St. Vincent and the Grenadines 157.Suriname 158.Swaziland 159.Sweden 160.Switzerland 161.Taiwan 162.Tajikistan 163.Tanzania 164.Thailand 165.Tonga 166.Trinidad and Tobago 167.Tunisia 168.Turkey 169.Turkmenistan 170.Turks and Caicos 171.Uganda 172.UK 173.Ukraine 174.United Arab Emirates 175.Uruguay 176.USA 177.Uzbekistan 178.Venezuela 179.Vietnam 180.Yemen 181.Zimbabwe

16 Maps: Directions 1.Albania 2.Algeria 3.Angola 4.Antigua and Barbuda 5.Argentina 6.Australia 7.Austria 8.Belarus 9.Belgium 10.Benin 11.Bosnia and Herzegovina 12.Botswana 13.Brazil 14.Brunei 15.Bulgaria 16.Burkina Faso 17.Canada 18.Cayman Islands 19.Central African Republic 20.Chile 21.China 22.Congo, Republic of 23.Croatia 24.Cyprus 25.Czech Republic 26.Denmark 27.Egypt 28.Estonia 29.Finland 30.France 31.French Guiana 32.Gabon 33.Germany 34.Ghana 35.Greece 36.Guadeloupe 37.Guinea-Bissau 38.Hong Kong 39.Hungary 40.Indonesia 41.Ireland 42.Israel 43.Italy 44.Japan 45.Latvia 46.Liechtenstein 47.Lithuania 48.Luxembourg 49.Macau 50.Macedonia 51.Malawi 52.Malaysia 53.Malta 54.Martinique 55.Mauritania 56.Mauritius 57.Mayotte 58.Mexico 59.Moldova 60.Montenegro 61.Montserrat 62.Morocco 63.Mozambique 64.Namibia 65.Netherlands 66.New Zealand 67.Norway 68.Philippines 69.Poland 70.Portugal 71.Republic of Korea 72.Reunion Island 73.Romania 74.Russia 75.San Marino 76.Serbia 77.Singapore 78.Slovakia 79.Slovenia 80.South Africa 81.Spain 82.Sweden 83.Switzerland 84.Taiwan 85.Tanzania 86.Thailand 87.Tunisia 88.Turkey 89.Turks and Caicos 90.Uganda 91.UK 92.Ukraine 93.Uruguay 94.USA 95.Vietnam 96.Zimbabwe

17 Maps: Turn-by-Turn Navigation 1.Argentina 2.Australia 3.Austria 4.Belgium 5.Brunei 6.Bulgaria 7.Canada 8.Croatia 9.Czech Republic 10.Denmark 11.Egypt 12.Estonia 13.Finland 14.France 15.Germany 16.Greece 17.Hong Kong 18.Hungary 19.Ireland 20.Israel 21.Italy 22.Japan 23.Latvia 24.Liechtenstein 25.Lithuania 26.Luxembourg 27.Macau 28.Malaysia 29.Malta 30.Mexico 31.Morocco 32.Netherlands 33.New Zealand 34.Norway 35.Poland 36.Portugal 37.Republic of Korea 38.Romania 39.Russia 40.San Marino 41.Singapore 42.Slovakia 43.Slovenia 44.South Africa 45.Spain 46.Sweden 47.Switzerland 48.Taiwan 49.Thailand 50.Turkey 51.UK 52.Ukraine 53.USA

18 Maps: 3D Buildings in Navigation 1.Atlanta, GA 2.Austin, TX 3.Barcelona, Spain 4.Berlin, Germany 5.Birmingham, England 6.Boston, MA 7.Buffalo, NY 8.Chicago, IL 9.Cologne, Germany 10.Copenhagen, Denmark 11.Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 12.Denver, CO 13.Dublin, Ireland 14.Glendale, AZ 15.Henderson, NV 16.Hiroshima, Japan 17.Honolulu, HI 18.Houston, TX 19.Indianapolis, IN 20.Kawasaki, Japan 21.Kitakyushu, Japan 22.Kobe, Japan 23.Kyoto, Japan 24.Las Vegas, NV 25.London, England 26.Long Beach, CA 27.Los Angeles, CA 28.Lyon, France 29.Manchester, England 30.Memphis, TN 31.Miami, FL 32.Milan, Italy 33.Munich, Germany 34.Nagoya, Japan 35.New Orleans, LA 36.New York City, NY 37.Oakland, CA 38.Oklahoma City, OK 39.Osaka, Japan 40.Philadelphia, PA 41.Phoenix, AZ 42.Portland, OR 43.Providence, RI 44.Rome, Italy 45.Sacramento, CA 46.San Diego, CA 47.San Francisco, CA 48.San Jose, CA 49.Scottsdale, AZ 50.Seattle, WA 51.Tokyo, Japan 52.Torrance, CA 53.Washington, DC

19 Maps: Traffic Australia Austria Belgium Canada China Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland UK USA

20 System To Be Within boundaries: Apple realized the complexity and clearly updated the components required in mapping service and now apple seems to be committed to get this updated more frequently with the help of data and feedback it received. Time: Apple spent millions and a lot of time to revamp maps with major fixes in functionality. And also brought back Google maps as an alternative for users.

21 Soft goal Interdependency diagram (SIG)

22 Maintainability soft goal decomposition

23 System to be Help the user with turn by turn navigation: After Before

24 Apple maps – IOS7 Solution ● More people are using new IOS7 Apple maps that offers better results than initial version. ● Company reputation in recovery phase ● Customer feedback for Apple turns around with newer IOS7 maps. ● Share value started to pick up the steam again ● Apple CEO committed to fix maps

25 Opportunity IOS7 fixes and minor incremental releases might offer better maps results for users in future. As very large amounts of data are being sent back to Apple in feedback, a clear opportunity for Apple to enhance Maps even more.

26 Summary According to analysts, Apple’s smart move came in by buying few small mapping companies and integrated their features in IOS7 maps. Users seem to be more comfortable with IOS7 Apple maps than ever before. Thanks to all the major fixes in the app`s functional and non functional requirements.

27 Questions

28 References: ions/journals/j3.pdf ions/journals/j3.pdf 19659736 19659736 responsible-for-apple-maps responsible-for-apple-maps

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