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Civil War Unit Test Review

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1 Civil War Unit Test Review

2 How Long Did The Civil War Last?


4 Slavery in the United states was abolished by what?

5 The 13th Amendment

6 Who assassinated President Lincoln?

7 John Wilkes Booth

8 What battle ended in a Union victory on July 4, 1863?

9 Vicksburg

10 Who invented the cotton gin?

11 Eli Whitney

12 What event allowed Maine to enter the Union as a free state and Missouri as a slave state?

13 The Missouri Compromise

14 Stonewall Jackson was killed in what battle?

15 Chancellorsville

16 Who was known as the Great Compromiser?

17 Henry Clay

18 Which of the following was not a Union General?
John Pope George Pickett Ambrose Burnside George Meade

19 George Pickett He led the South at Gettysburg.- “Pickett’s Charge”

20 What compromise included the Fugitive Slave Act?

21 The Compromise of 1850

22 What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?

23 Freed the slaves in the Confederacy ONLY.

24 True or False: Jefferson Davis surrendered at Appomattox Court House?

25 False

26 True or False: Richmond, VA was the only capitol of the Confederacy.

27 False

28 Who won the Civil War?

29 The North!

30 True or False: Most battles took place on southern lands.

31 True

32 True or False: Virginia was the first state to secede from the Union.

33 False South Carolina was!

34 In 1863, what city did draft riots break out in?

35 New York City

36 What do Belle Boyd and Loretta Vasquez have in common?

37 They were both spies during the war.

38 Who was the Union’s naval war hero who captured New Orleans?

39 David G. Farragut

40 What was the name of the North’s naval strategy for winning the war?

41 The Anaconda Plan

42 Who became President after President Lincoln was assassinated?

43 Andrew Johnson

44 What was the first major goal of President Lincoln’s administration?

45 To preserve and maintain the unity of the Union

46 The first shots of the Civil War were shot at Fort Sumter which is located where?

47 South Carolina

48 Who was the Civil War nurse who later started the American Red Cross?

49 Clara Barton

50 What was the name of the all black regiment that was depicted in the movie Glory?

51 The 54th Massachusetts

52 What did the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments do?

53 Banned slavery, made blacks citizens, gave African American men the right to vote

54 How were freed slaves treated after the war?

55 They suffered discrimination and were not seen as equals.

56 What types of jobs were typical for freed slaves to get in the North after the Civil War?

57 Domestic service jobs

58 What made the Union Navy even stronger after the Civil War?

59 The use of ironclad ships and their effectiveness in blockades.

60 What best describes the economic condition of the South after the Civil War?

61 Most small farms and plantations were ruined.

62 What did the First Battle of Bull Run tell President Lincoln about the war?

63 He realized the war was going to be long and costly.

64 What effect did the Union’s naval blockade have on the South?

65 The South was deprived of much needed exports and imports.

66 What was the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg?

67 General Lee failed to enter the North.

68 Why was Vicksburg important to the North?

69 Vicksburg controlled access to the Mississippi River.

70 Why is the Battle of Antietam considered a turning point in the war?

71 It was the beginning of devastating losses for the South and it convinced Lincoln to sign the Emancipation Proclamation.

72 Why was the capture of New Orleans important for the North?

73 It would deprive the South of their major seaport.

74 What happened at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865?

75 Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant.

76 Who was commander of all Rebel forces?

77 General Robert E. Lee

78 Who was elected President of the Confederacy in 1861?

79 Jefferson Davis

80 What was a major political result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

81 Residents of the territories would vote on whether slavery was allowed.

82 What was the main result of the Dred Scott Decision?

83 Blacks were not citizens and therefore could not sue in Federal Court.

84 What method did John Brown use to oppose slavery?

85 Using violence and attacking pro-slavery targets to start a slave uprising.

86 What former woman slave served as a Union spy?

87 Harriet Tubman

88 Why was Harriet Tubman known as the “Moses of her people”?

89 Like Moses she led many people out of slavery and into freedom.

90 The invention of the cotton gin caused the southern economy to require more of what?

91 Slave Labor

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