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Fight Against slavery Chapter 12 section 2.

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1 Fight Against slavery Chapter 12 section 2

2 Why it Matters Many people had opposed slavery since colonial times
They believed it is in-moral and against their religious belief The reforming spirit spurred a strong movement to abolish slavery in America

3 Roots of the Antislavery Movement
“that all men are created equal” Slavery ends in the North: a. 178o Pennsylvania b. By 1804 every northern state pledged to end slavery c. Northwest Ordinance outlawed slavery

4 The Colonization Movement (1817)
This society purpose was to free slaves and transport them to Liberia Unsuccessful because many freed slaves did not want to go to a strange country. Only about migrated to Liberia

5 Growing Opposition to Slavery
Abolitionists is a person to abolish or to end slavery Charles Finney, an abolitionist preached bout the evil’s of slavery

6 Lloyd Garrison Quaker Strongly opposed slavery
Considered a radical because he wanted not a gradual end of slavery but to end immediately He favored full rights to be given to the slaves 1831 started an abolitionist newspaper: Liberator Co-founder of the New England Anti-Slavery Society

7 Lloyd Garrison

8 Sarah and Angelina Grimke
Strong Abolitionist Southern Born to a family that owned slaves

9 African American Abolitionist
David Walker in 1829 published his Appeal: to the Coloured Citizens of the World He encouraged enslaved people to rebel if necessary to gain their freedom

10 Fredrick Douglass Most powerful speaker for abolitionism
Born into slavery Escaped to freedom Taught himself to read and write Published Aolititonist newspaper North Star Douglass said to a crowd: “I appear this evening as a thief and a robber. I stole this head, these limbs, this body from my master, and ran off with them.”


12 John Quincy Adams Proposed an amendment in 1839 to ban any new state coming into the Union. It did not pass Defended captive Africans aboard a slave ship that rebelled and killed ship captain and members on the Armistad. (slave trade among nations were abolished in 1807. Helped captives gain their freedom in America Why did Adams have a lot of people resent what he did?

13 Underground Railroad Organized way to help slaves escape
Series of paths where Blacks and Whites helped slaves reach freedom Illegal of course. Why? Over 50,000

14 Harriet Tubman Called “Moses” Led more than 300 slaves to freedom
Master of disguise She stated to Douglass “I never lost a single passenger”. Page 425

15 Opposing Abolition Many Northerner profited from slavery and opposed abolition of slavery Many feared that freedmen would move North and take jobs Many Southerners voiced their opinion of abolition with violence Congress tried to have a “gag order” over issue of slavery

16 “Elephant in the living room”

17 “Elephant in the living room”


19 Joh Quincy

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