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The Movement to End Slavery

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1 The Movement to End Slavery

2 Abolition Movement to end slavery on moral grounds
Some called for immediate emancipation (freedom), others for gradual. Abolitionists had different views Some supported freedom, but not equality for Blacks

3 By 1833 & 1848, Both Britain & France had outlawed Slavery

4 Colonization Movement
Short lived movement to send free-blacks to Africa Many blacks rejected it, feeling that they should have a share in America’s wealth.

5 Northern Abolitionists
Anti-Slavery speeches, newspapers, & literature William Lloyd Garrison: founder of the American Anti-Slavery Society, Published the Liberator Allowed Women a major role = caused a split

6 Abby Kelley Foster

7 2 White southern abolitionists who wrote famous essays against slavery
Grimké Sisters 2 White southern abolitionists who wrote famous essays against slavery

8 African American Voices
Most powerful Anti-Slavery activists Many former slaves wrote narratives & went on speaking tours.

9 Frederick Douglass Most famous Black Abolitionist
Wrote 4 autobiographies, became world renown The North Star

10 The Underground Railroad
Network of individuals & safe-houses that helped runaway slaves escape to free Canada. Harriet Tubman :most famous “conductor,” helped up to 300 slaves escape



13 Slavery had many Supporters
Slaves were seen as property, not people The Bible & ancient Greece/Rome has many examples of slavery Many northerners supported it for racist & economic reasons

14 Mobs often attacked abolitionists
Southern writer George Fitzhugh slavery was necessary for the black race they lived better than northern wage-earners

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