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The Atlantic Slave Trade

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1 The Atlantic Slave Trade
Chapter 20 Section 3

2 Key Terms Atlantic slave trade Triangular Trade Middle passage

3 Slavery in Africa Slavery existed for centuries
Muslim rulers in Africa justified slavery Between million Africans were taken to Muslim lands

4 Slavery in Africa Muslim and African states slaves had some rights
Muslim world some slaves occupied positions of power Some were generals in the army

5 The Atlantic Slave Trade
Shortage of labor Needed large numbers of workers Plantations- estates where cash crops such as sugar or tobacco were grown on a large scale First used Native Americans

6 The Atlantic Slave Trade
European diseases killed millions 1600’s plantations used indentured servants People worked for a set amount of time to pay for their passage These workers were expensive to support

7 The Demand for Africans
Africans had been exposed to European diseases Africans had experience in farming Africans less likely to escape Skin color made it easy to catch those who escapes

8 The Atlantic Slave Trade
Millions of Africans were taken to the Americas before slave trade ended in the 1800’s Most came from west Africa, Senegal, and Angola Some slaves exchanged for firearms, others were kidnapped

9 The Atlantic Slave Trade
Captured slaves were marched to ships Triangular Trade First leg were ships carrying goods to Africa Goods exchanged for slaves Middle Passage-Africans brought to the Americas to be sold as slaves Third carried rice, sugar, and tobacco to Europe

10 Triangular Trade



13 Middle Passage Terrifying ordeal Africans were chained together
Forced into dark quarters below deck Packed so tight they could not sit or stand Journey lasted three to six weeks

14 Middle Passage 10-20 percent did not survive the voyage
Those who reached the Americas were then auctioned off Olaudah Equiano- wrote about the condition Stench was so bad Women shrieking People moaning and dying

15 Slavery in the Colonies
Slaves taken to Americas Spanish took slaves to the Caribbean Portuguese took millions to Brazil English took most of their slaves to the West Indies Brought large numbers to the colonies

16 Slavery in the Colonies

17 Living Conditions Most slaves worked on plantations
Others worked in mines, in towns, and in the countryside Skilled crafters continued their craft Carpenters Metal workers Coopers Women give domestic duties

18 Living Conditions Had to meet their basic needs in a short hours after the workday Daily tasks Cooking Mending clothing Tending to the sick Had to fit around the work of the slaveholder

19 Living Conditions Were harsh
Owners and overseers inflicted physical and degrading punishment for minor offenses Many slaveholders lived in fear of rebellion

20 Resistance Laws considered slaves as property
Had no rights or freedoms Slaveholders controlled living conditions Slaves endured brutal treatment and abuse Coped with inhumane conditions


22 Resistance Some tried to keep their culture alive
Some turned to religion for a better life Some fought back by Slowing down their work Some destroyed equipment Some revolted Some ran away

23 Effects of the Slave Trade
Lasted for 400 years Estimates of million slaves were shipped to the Americas Millions more to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East Millions died from marching to the coast and on slave ships

24 Effects of the Slave Trade
Slavery deprive millions of their freedom and doomed their descendants to slavery Captured many of the strongest and future leaders African waged war their own people and neighbors to gain captives

25 Effects of the Slave Trade
Forced labor did not enrich Africa African labor built the economies of American colonies Knowledge of agriculture led to growth of the rice industry African Diaspora- dispersal of African culture to the western world

26 African Diaspora

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