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English Literature Exploring Modern Texts: An Inspector Calls

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1 English Literature Exploring Modern Texts: An Inspector Calls
Unit 1 Year 11

2 What is this exam about? It is called ‘Exploring Modern Texts’
It has Section A and Section B 1 ½ hours long Section A is an essay question on ‘An Inspector Calls’ Section B is a question on ‘Of Mice and Men’

3 What do we need to know? What format is the question?
How do I craft a good answer? What is the success criteria? What should I revise?

4 The format is a CHOICE between TWO essay questions (34 marks; 4 marks are for SPAG)
EITHER How does Priestley present the idea of family in this play? Are Mr and Mrs Birling good parents? OR The Inspector says: ‘We don’t live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other…the time will soon come when, if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish.’ In what ways do you think that Mr and Mrs Birling need to learn ‘that lesson’?

5 What do I do next? Choose the question you feel most comfortable answering Quickly plan 5 key points in response to the question – with quotes if you can! Write up your 5 points as 5 PEE/PQA paragraphs You will need to include a brief introduction and a brief conclusion as the examiner is looking for an essay answer

6 What does a PQA/PEE paragraph look like?
Firstly, Mr Birling needs to learn ‘that lesson’ as he does not feel remorseful about his actions towards Eva Smith. Birling states ‘The girl had been causing some trouble in the works. I was quite justified”. This quote shows that Birling displays a capitalist attitude towards Eva as he cares more about his business and profit than he does about ‘the girl’. Furthermore the fact that he refers to her as ‘the girl’ suggests a lack of concern or care as he doesn’t refer to her by her name. The use of the short sentence, ‘I was quite justified’, shows that he feels no guilt or shame and the intensifier ‘quite’ reinforces this point. This links to the context of the play as both women and the lower class were seen as inferior and expendable people. Finally, this quote also links to the genre of the play as it is ironic that by the end of the play, Birling has learnt nothing about social responsibility.

7 Key Sentence Starters Key Sentence Starters Point
Answer the question in a FULL sentence, e.g. Priestley presents the idea of family in this play by/through the use of… Quote/Evidence The quote that shows this is… Birling (or a different character) states… REMEMBER TO USE QUOTATION MARKS Analysis/Explanation This quote shows/implies/suggests/proposes… The use of (insert writing technique here) emphasises… The word ‘responsibility’ suggests… This links to the genre… This links to the context of the time…

8 Success Criteria Analyse quotes rather than tell the story
Comment on STRUCTURE and FORM Comment on setting and themes/ideas DO NOT describe characters – use quotes to support your points and analyse the language they use. What is each character’s purpose? Explore Priestley’s intentions in creating this play and its characters Use PQA Use close word analysis, e.g. The word “…” suggests… Use evaluative comments, e.g. This quote could also mean… Include context of the time if relevant, e.g. This links to context because… Comment on the didactic nature of the text You are awarded up to 4 marks for SPAG

9 Introductions It is a good idea for each person to create a model introduction to use in the exam. Answer the following questions: What is the form and structure of the text? What are the key points in answer to the question? What are 2-3 key context issues you need to consider when analysing the text?

10 Conclusions Start with In Conclusion… Sum up your answer to the essay
Discuss Priestley’s intentions in creating the play

11 Top tips! Use the clock – timing was an issue for almost everyone
Revise thoroughly so you don’t waste time looking for quotes Use PQA throughout and ensure you complete AT LEAST 4 of these for each question Comment on form and structure and why it’s used as well as the effect on the reader Use phrases such as: Priestley describes Sheila as… Link context into your answer

12 Remember that both texts…
Are set around the same time Have cyclical structures Are presenting microcosms of society to make serious moral points about society in general Have a moral message attached to them; one is a morality play and the other is a novella

13 Revision Ideas

14 Take a single or double page in your exercise book…
Firstly… Secondly… At the top, write the title: Of Mice and Men Underneath the title, sum up the text in no more than 10 words Then list the key events and why they are important Space the following subheadings out around your double page and add 5 key points to each (apart from characters): Themes and quotes Characters – who are they and what is their role? What do they symbolise? The underdog? Attitudes to racism? Form and structure Context Symbolism (dramatic devices for AIC) Writer’s intentions Then do the same for An Inspector Calls

15 Symbolism (Dramatic Devices for AIC)
Continued… Themes and Quotes Characters Context Form and Structure Symbolism (Dramatic Devices for AIC) Writer’s intentions

16 Now do the same for An Inspector Calls!

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