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13.1 Morality: A Response to God’s Love

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1 13.1 Morality: A Response to God’s Love
Chapter 13 Living the Truth in Love ©Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division

2 Chapter Overview The eighth commandment calls us to respect truth. We can abuse speech by what we say or fail to say. Disregard for truth leads to a culture of mistrust. A truthful society seeks to give all people a voice and to address their needs

3 V Vocabulary Lying (p. 245): “Saying what is false with the intention of deceiving one’s neighbor.” (Catechism, #2508) Calumny (p. 246): Telling lies defaming someone’s character.

4 V Vocabulary Detraction (p. 246): Revealing personal, derogatory information without sufficient reason. Rash judgment (p. 246): Judging another person unkindly. Gossip (p. 246): Participating in the spread of injurious information about someone.

5 V Vocabulary Scandal (p. 247): Wrongdoing that serves to disillusion or harm more vulnerable people; “an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense” (Catechism, #2284). Perjury (p. 247): Lying under oath. Spin (p. 250): Giving a self-serving slant on a news story; manipulation of the truth intended to deceive.

6 V Vocabulary Discrimination (p. 253): A situation in which people suffer disadvantages simply because they are members of a particular group (for example, age, race, gender). Racial prejudice (p. 254): Strong dislike for members of a race other than one’s own.

7 V Vocabulary Racism (p. 254): Subordination of persons who belong to a particular race due to attitudes, actions, or institutional structures at work in a society. Sexism (p. 255): Attitudes, practices, and institutional structures that oppress people solely on the basis of gender. Ageism (p. 256): Discrimination against people solely on the basis of their age.

8 Review 1. What does Jesus say about language that is injurious to others? 2. What is the opposite of “bearing false witness”? 3. What does Jesus tell Pilate his mission is?

9 13.4 Review 4. What does the word martyr mean?
5. Are human beings naturally inclined toward the truth or falsehood? 6. Name the four principles of communication.

10 13.5 Review 7. Is it always acceptable to reveal truths about someone?
8. Give an example of each of the following: calumny, detraction, rash judgment, gossip. 9. Name two ways the Internet contributes to possible violations of the eighth commandment.

11 13.6 Review 10. Define the terms scandal and perjury.
11. What psychological factor can lead to self-deception? 12. What does it mean to say that we can disrespect truth through silence?

12 Review 13. What effect can negative campaigning have on voter perceptions? 14. What is spinning? 15. How does television blur the presentation of truth?

13 Review 16. What is the relationship between beauty and truth as exhibited in art? 17. Name one title given to Satan in Scripture. 18. How might you critique the “rags to riches” American myth?

14 Review 18. What’s the difference between racial prejudice and racism? 19. What’s the difference between direct and indirect racism?

15 13.10 Review 20. What is the link between women and poverty?
21. According to the text, who suffers most from sexism?

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